101+ PhotoEffects has great variety for photo editing on-the-go

For a smart-phone photo editor, 101+ PhotoEffects is pretty fantastic. The app offers a variety of filters as well as the ability to brighten, crop, rotate and flip images.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of choices at first, but the preview feature alleviates that feeling with a sneak peek of your photo with the filter applied. If you don’t like the preview, click cancel; if you like it, click apply. The 101+ PhotoEffects preview feature is accessed by touching the eye icon to the right of the filter number.

There are a number of filters I’ll never use (hearts, cupids, flower and butterfly frames come to mind) but thankfully there is an option to mark your filters to put into a favorite folder. Another way to sort filters would be nice, however, since favorites collects them in one long list that takes awhile to scroll through.

Yet you can combine multiple filters on one photo and you can save high-resolution images. Bonus: At the time I downloaded 101+ PhotoEffects, there were 105 filters.

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