4 Reasons Toxicity Affects Your Health

toxicity affects your health

Nothing comes above health. If you are mentally, and physically not well, your whole life seems like a burden. We all experience toxicity in one or another way. Whether it’s from our work environment or relations, stress does exist in our life. These bad days, months, or even years pose several challenges in one’s life. This can be due to a lot of obvious reasons including unhealthy communication, favoritism, ill behaviors, inappropriate gossiping, and lack of recognition.

Workplace factors also add to this stressful life, like bad leadership, communication gaps, poor management skills, and other abusive behaviors. Such issues can not only destroy you mentally but also physically. From creating trouble to massive tension, illness, and negative results, this ultimately impacts your productivity.

If you are in a toxic relationship, this can totally drain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, here are four reasons why toxicity is a silent killer of your health.

1. Bad Impact on Heart Health

Many studies have shown that the impact of social stress on heart health is a real thing. A person who is experiencing toxicity may have increased heart issues. This ultimately impacts their lifespan which reduces with the increased coronary diseases. People who live in a constant state of toxic work environment/relationship have 11 years less lifespan than the people who are living in a happy environment.

If you are in a stressful marriage, this may leave you vulnerable and heartbroken. According to a study published in the American Medical Associate journal, women who experience marital strain suffer from heart diseases, need heart surgery, or die of a heart attack. This study compared the heart health of maritally stressed women to the women living in happy marriages. When the study switched to other factors like age, smoking, diabetes, and bad cholesterol, the results were consistent.

2. Weaken Immune System

Long-term toxicity can compromise your immune system. This badly impacts the body’s action against different diseases. Moreover, a distressful state of mind is directly associated with severe disease symptoms and less disease recovery time. A study published in an international journal for cancer stated that stressful life decreases the chances of recovery for women with breast cancer.

People who live in stressful relationships experience a more mental breakdown and this ultimately leads to impaired functioning. On the other hand, people who are enjoying a happy life with a loving and caring partner and work in a healthy work environment have a stable functioning immune system.

People who experience toxicity don’t adhere to healthy dietary habits which worsens the situation more.

3. Depression and Anxiety

Toxicity in our lives has two obvious impacts. Those are depression and anxiety. Such conditions should not be neglected otherwise they lead to severe health issues. Some stress conditions may lead to chronic conditions. A review article in 2003 indicated that stressful marriages are a direct and major source of depression and anxiety for couples. Living in such marriages affects productivity at the workplace which further leads to more stress in case the boss isn’t happy with an employee’s performance.

So, stress from one place affects the person’s performance in another place. People who experience a toxic work environment don’t behave well with their families and those in a distressed marriage don’t perform well at the workplace.

4. Bad Mental Well-being

Various studies have shown that a happy marital life is directly associated with healthy mental health. On the other hand, a strained marriage leads to nothing but mental illness. Some negative behaviors including hostility and criticism directly impact the mental well-being of a person. An article published in 2003 stated that single people who don’t experience any type of toxic behaviors have good mental health than those who are in a constant distressed relationship.

People who experience many breakups stay in worse mental health than those who were never been in a relationship. A study indicated that women who live through multiple partner transitions, such as divorce and separations experience worse mental health. In that study, almost 2,303 women and 2,127 men participated. The ratio of people with bad mental health over a broken relationship was high for women.

Our mind-body connection explains the glory of life. If one part of this connection isn’t working well the other will ultimately experience a worse situation. Toxicity is detrimental to one’s overall well-being. A toxic work environment or relationship isn’t something that smashes you on your face. It compromises your physical health as well.

Make sure toxicity from society doesn’t come into your wellness since nothing is more important than physical and mental health. If you keep up with toxicity for a long time, it would become hard to get off track. So, try to treat yourself in the best possible way with self-encouragement and care.

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