5 Apps that turn your iPad into the Ultimate Sales Tool


After a good sales meeting, where you inspired and bonded with your potential client, there are loads of useful information that you gathered about your client: What he’s interested in, what he likes about your products or services, what prevents him from buying now, etc. That’s the basis for the closing! Use Dossier, a native iPad App, to easily write down notes and attach them to your clients! There’s no need to install or get a complicated CRM system. Dossier is based on the iPad address book, adding the possibilitites of attaching notes and files to the contacts.

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Things 3 for iPad

Here’s the crucial step so many sales people forget about: follow-up! Follow-up is the instrument to continue your bonding. Statistics say that only 3% of all people “buy now”. That means that for 97% will buy sometime in the future – making follow-up essential! When the times comes for the client to buy – who is he gonna think of? With regular and thorough follow-up calls and e-mails, you will stay in his awareness. For me, the perfect app for organizing that is Things. There’s hundreds of todo apps on the market – but Things is so neat that I’ve kept using it – instead of throwing it away after a few days or weeks.

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Skype for iPad

Keeping in touch with your (potential) clients is hard enough today – especially for the road-warriors like us. The richer the communication channel, the better the bonding. That’s why I recommend using Skype for iPad: Not only because you can make cheap follow-up phone calls to your clients from almost everywhere. Imagine the effect of a video call: After a real good bonding experience in the first place, there’s no reason why not to get in touch personally. Deliver useful follow-up information via Skype Video Conference, and the clients will be thankful for your advice!

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Quickoffice Pro HD – edit office documents & view PDF files

I have to admit that I love working sitting in a café inbetween of two meetings. With Quickoffice PRO HD, I can even read, write and edit my office documents on my iPad! No need for firing up my laptop. Writing quotes, case studies or simple follow-up letters is easy with a tool like Quickoffice. I try to squeeze in all that work during my working day: For quicker follow-up, happier clients, and more time with my family and friends in the evening.

FileSpirit – Mobile File Access to your Computer or Server

When I’m finally in front of a potential client, the very first step is to bond and get the interest. Inspiring clients is super easy using FileSpirit: The App is ideal for presenting your products and services directly via your App. The only thing you have to prepare are some nice pictures, presentations and product sheets, that you organize on your home computer or server. That’s it! FileSpirit then gives you direct access from your iPad to those files – even offline, when there’s no internet connection. Take the iPad, sit side-by-side with your potential client and show him vivid pictures and videos of your products or services. It couldn’t be easier!

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