5 best streaming apps that are totally free!

Netflix has revolutionised the way that most of us watch TV and movies. They introduced the concept of binge watching shows on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It is because of Netflix and similar services that a growing number of people don’t even own a TV or pay for a cable service. We cannot argue that the service is great but they don’t offer every movie, or even some of the newest hit TV shows. We don’t all want to pay a monthly subscription for a service we might not use that often. This is where free streaming services come in, we love them because they’re free and they normally offer something different and can even that niche film you’ve been unable to find anywhere else.

Below is a list of the best free streaming services that you can use from your phone or tablet:

Crackle (iOS, Android)

Crackle is a great alternative to Netflix as it still offers popular TV shows and current blockbuster movies, the only true downside is the loss of Netflix original content, but for a free service you can’t really complain. Crackle’s app is easy to use and filters allow you to quickly search and find the perfect show for you. Just like Netflix you can even add shows and films to a watch later list, so that they are easier to find at a later date.

Snagfilms (iOS, Android)

Snagfilms is a free service that offers a wide range of full length films. The service does not offer major blockbuster hits but appeals to those looking for something a little different that you wouldn’t typically find on Netflix. A nice feature about this service is that they offer the more hard-to-find indie films, as well as a range of classic films and even silent movies. The service is not purely limited to films with a selection of documentaries also available.

Twitch (iOS, Android)

Twitch brings something different to people who are looking for a free streaming service. While it might not offer movies and TV shows as the other apps on this list do, users have access to a wide range of live content produced by other users. The streaming platform is most famous as a streaming service for gamers, allowing you to enter into the live social world of game play, even interacting with content creators. However, it is quickly becoming popular among of genres of content creators, for example artists use it to live stream while working, allowing them a new method of conversing with their fan base.

Tubi TV (iOS, Android)

If you want the Netflix experience but not the monthly subscription bill it is worth checking out Tubi TV. The user experience feels remarkable similar but obviously with a different selection of shows and movies at your disposal.

Tubi TV makes it easy to search for TV shows and movies with all of the standard search features that you would expect from such a service but also offers some more interesting ways to help narrow down your movie list, including ‘Not on Netflix’ and ‘Highly rated on rotten tomatoes’.

Viewster (iOS, Android)

Viewster is another great service that offers users access to a wide range of movies and TV shows completely free. The only downside to this service is that they don’t feature blockbuster films or the more popular TV shows, they instead focus on original content and ‘hidden gems’. Viewster also put a lot of focus on anime, with a wide range of content available to users, so if anime is your thing then this should be top of your free streaming list.

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