A Camera Scanning App for iOS and iPadOS

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Forget the chunky, conventional scanners in the market and turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable camera scanner.

Forget the chunky, conventional scanners in the market and turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable camera scanner. 

The app, ScannerLens, can turn your images into a scanned document of various formats: PDF, PNG, TXT and more. The freemium app has an average review rating of 4.6/5 on the Apple Store from users ranging from students, educators and self-resourceful professionals, mostly in the finance sector.

A few of ScannerLens’s top features:

1. Supported on iOS and iPadOS devices

ScannerLens is available on iOS and iPadOS, making it easy to scan documents with just your device’s camera function. Point and shoot, and the app will optimise the cropping.

2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with an accuracy of 95%

Forget about copying texts manually from an image. ScannerLens digitizes your file into softcopy. It is equipped with OCR technology that has a 95% identification accuracy, allowing users to extract texts and edit them directly.

3. Exports documents to various file formats

ScannerLens allows you to save documents in various file formats, not just in PDF, JPG or PNG. With the OCR technology, scanned documents can be exported in TXT formats as well, allowing the extraction of texts to be easy and fuss-free. 

4. Annotate your documents within the app

ScannerLens allows easy annotations of documents in the app. This function was first introduced with students and educators in mind so that they could mark and note important points in their documents.

5. Add multiple signatures in your documents

Adding signatures is now possible on-the-go, a function that brings efficiency in a corporate setting. You can digitize important documents such as business contracts, by scanning your signature, extracting it, and pasting it in the documents. 

6. Supports sharing across various platforms

ScannerLens comes with a handy file manager for you to locate your files and share them directly to other platforms or people.

7. UI/UX design with users of color vision deficiency in mind

ScannerLens is working on an update scheduled to be launched in February 2021 with users of color vision deficiencies in mind. The product team has worked closely with users of color vision deficiencies, allowing them to switch views of their scanned documents, to see details clearly that they would otherwise miss. ScannerLens hopes to provide a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for all.

If you’d like to know more about ScannerLens and its company, AtlasV Singapore, you can visit their LinkedIn profile.

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