A Cheesy Affair: The Best Cheese Apps

Words cannot describe how wonderful cheese can be and my philosophy is the stinkier the better! However finding myself in the cheese section at Wjole foods can be an overwhelming experience. Use these apps to navigate your way through the vast and tricky world of cheese!

Cheese Plate ($2.99)

This wonderfully executed app brings you 25 themed cheese plates curated by food journalist and cheese expert Janet Fletcher. Once you click on a plate you can see and learn all about the different cheeses and blow your dinner guests away with your astounding knowledge about Manchego.


Wisconsin Cheese Cupid (Free)

This app finds the right cheese for whatever you are drinking. A bit broad — eg, merlot goes well with Asiago. But for a free app, it’s a good starting base for pairing know nothings.


Fromage ($2.99)

This is the cheese guide to have on your phone. A great app that lists over 750 cheese with reviews, descriptions and origin. Clearly laid out and easy to navigate. Two thumbs up.


Cheeses ($1.99)

Although not a complete list of cheeses, more than 400 cheese is enough for most users. More information of cheeses and wider selection of American cheeses would be welcome.


The Complete Cheese Directory ($1.99)

Not that complete as the title say with its 150 cheese but at least a dictionary. Descriptions could be longer and obviously we are waiting for much more cheese!


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