Action-packed WordFu shakes up approach to word games

Word Games for Seniors



Scrabble. If you’re looking for the quiet control of a crossword puzzle, WordFu is not for you. But if you want something different to challenge your brain. get wordfu.

WordFu requires the player to shake, not just tap, the iPhone. When the game begins, you shake and tap until the dice bounce to letters of your liking. When the clock starts, tap the dice to spell out words, reusing the letters as often as you’d like.  Shake the phone to enter your word and keep going. This is a speed game and players have no time o waste.

Utilizing the iPhone’s accelerometer makes WordFu distinct but the game is full of other great features.  The animated graphics are amazing and entertaining while the popping dice are a welcome addition to a generally flat genre of games.

The optional sound function is amusing but never excessive. Who doesn’t want Kung Fu noises to get their creative juices flowing? Also, WordFu has built-in capabilities to let you challenge the world via Twitter and Facebook.

WordFu provides a dynamic, engaging change of pace but if there’s a drawback, it’s that you don’t want to play in public. This action-packed word game is noisy.

WordFu doesn’t demand more from the player than other word games, but the app’s graphics and entertainment value make it a top pick if you like to play with words.

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