An Action-Adventure in its own League: Legend of Abhimanyu

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The disconnect in quality between games found on dedicated consoles and those on mobile devices are often a result of hardware limitations. For example, consoles including the Xbox or PlayStation have dedicated graphics cards while mobile devices must utilize much more limited and weaker resources. This is especially evident for the most popular action-adventure games that uses advanced graphics and hyper speed rendering of the environment to provide a 3D immersive experience such as Grand Theft Auto or Assassins Creed. However, Legend of Abhimanyu has effectively broken this technical barrier in order to bring the quality of console games to mobile devices.

Developed by ACY Entertainment, the premise of Legend of Abhimanyu follows a 16 year old warrior who uses his acquired skills in archery and swordsmanship in order to battle enemies including bosses and titans as well as breaking through sophisticated military formations. Each variation of the formation poses as a challenge to the players as they can be extremely complex and difficult to overcome. For example, Wheel and Octopus formations can be a challenge to penetrate as they are constantly moving. To complement the compelling story based on the Mahabharata, the nature of the game offers a unique 3D experience that other gaming apps are unable to match. In successfully bringing complete 3D gameplay to mobile apps, Legend of Abhimanyu does not sacrifice environmental quality, speed, or rendering time in order to accommodate the graphics or details.

As one of the first iOS games which are fully 3D, Legend of Abhimanyu has been able to achieve tremendous technical feats in order to make it mobile friendly. However, achieving these results does come at the price of memory capacity as the game is 900 MB, a relatively large file size for a single app, especially since Apple devices have a fixed memory capacity. In having such a high performance game that does not compromise speed or graphics, the file size is significantly larger than most games in order to accomplish this. Furthermore, the degree of detail that is found in the game can be regarded as both a pro and con. For instance, the level of detail is one which is unparalleled by other games, having up to more than 1000 independent characters per scene in order to achieve a completely immersive experience of the historical battlefield. Oppositely, this aspect can also be regarded as a critical flaw as players can be visually overwhelmed with the large number of activities and movements that are taking place simultaneously.[sc name=”quote” text=”Through the combination of graphics, speed, 3D experience, and great degree of detail, players are fully absorbed into the story”]

As a game which is able to incorporate console-level quality in the form of a mobile app, Legend of Abhimanyu has heightened the benchmark for others in the field that are looking to significantly differentiate themselves. Through the combination of graphics, speed, 3D experience, and great degree of detail, players are fully absorbed into the story while simultaneously challenged by the various enemies that must be defeated. For an action-adventure which is likely to provide long-lasting entertainment, Legend of Abhimanyu takes players through a cinematic experience that competing games in the space are unable to replicate.

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