Apple approves Epic Games Store app in Europe

"Epic Europe"

Apple has at last approved the Epic Games Store app for iOS in Europe, marking a significant victory for Epic Games after two previous rejections. This landmark decision follows a period of disagreement between the two tech mega corporations and is set to expand Epic Games’ digital storefront within the European market.

Loyal European iOS users have been keenly watching the development and are excited about the new offering from Epic Games. Despite facing several obstacles, Epic Games remained resilient, persistently pushing through the barriers to provide a top-end, user-friendly experience for its ever-expanding customer base. With a vast array of games expected, the new virtual storefront will enrich the gaming landscape for iOS users in Europe.

This is a monumental win for Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, bringing him one step closer to his goal of establishing an alternative gaming market for European Apple users. Sweeney has been a tenacious advocate against monopolistic practices, which has given him a significant advantage in the ongoing legal battle.

Epic Games Store breaks into European iOS market

His victory suggests the beginning of a new era in the digital market, providing European Apple gamers with a wider selection of games on an open platform, and potentially redefining app store regulations.

Earlier this year, following Digital Markets Act (DMA) legislation, Apple had revealed their plan to allow third-party app stores on its iOS platform within the EU, to promote competitive freedom in digital environments. Nevertheless, Apple will continue to exercise strict control over the safety and quality of apps within these third-party app stores, ensuring their high-standard maintenance.

The greenlighting of the Epic Games Store app has been a long-awaited milestone, arrived at amidst many legal battles and public relations campaigns. Epic has shown resilience, persistently criticizing Apple’s approval methods. It remains to be seen if this indicates Apple’s shift in approach to app review policies, or if it’s a singular incident brought about by intensifying pressure.

While still to introduce important features like its mobile payment system, the Epic Games Store is set to make its debut on iPhones and iPads in the EU soon. The company needs to address certain challenges such as improving user-friendly features and negotiating better revenue splits for app developers. Still, Epic remains hopeful about its forthcoming launch and its potential to bring more variety to the mobile gaming landscape.

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