Apple bans retro computer emulators from iOS store

"Apple Bans Emulators"

Apple Inc.

Apple’s contentious emulator app ban

has implemented a new rule prohibiting retro computer emulators, such as iDOS and the Universal Turing Machine (UTM) app, from its iOS App Store.

This addition to preexisting policies aims to restrict the types of applications approved for the platform to counteract security and copyright infringement risks.

After a thorough two-month review process, both the iDOS emulator and UTM app were removed.

Despite permission for “retro game console emulator apps to offer game downloads”, this allowance does not encompass comprehensive PC system emulators, creating a contradiction in policy and user dissatisfaction.

Apple’s continued refusal to allow PC game emulation, questions the future of retro gaming on iOS devices.

Yet, Apple remains steadfast in its decision to maintain system integrity and user experience.

As such, retro game enthusiasts must consider alternative platforms permitting PC game emulation.

Apple’s guidelines specify that apps on the iOS App Store must not “download, install, or execute code that introduces new features or alters existing ones, including other apps”.

Rules also dictate that application updates be submitted directly via the platform’s built-in updating system, restricting developers from introducing features that bypass Apple’s review process.

These rules uphold app quality, security, and uniformity of the iOS environment while imposing constraints on developer innovation.

This recent rule implementation presumably arises from potential competition concerns with emulators or virtual machines operating under iOS.

This restriction specifically targets “retro” game consoles, asking developers and users to accept this review procedure for PC game emulation.

With this regulation, Apple reestablishes its strict app review process despite the potential discouragement for emulator or virtual machine creations.

However, a potential workaround is available with the use of remote desktop software on desktop PCs or in-browser emulation offered by The Internet Archive.

While not the most convenient solutions, these options could allow iOS users to continue enjoying emulated games within the new regulations.

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