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As a consumer, purchasing has been made easier when compared to the past as reviews of products are made readily available for comparison in a matter of seconds. Whether purchasing for products online or offline, buyers can get a comprehensive review and comparison of compatible items and competitor prices given the right tools. With this in mind, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to make sure that buyers are always making their purchasing decision based on all of the data that is available.

Amazon Shopping (iOS/Android)

As an online marketplace that is notorious for bringing the same products that are available in stores at a cheaper price and greater convenience, the app should always be referred to prior to making a purchase. With the app, users can simply search up what it is that they are looking for and then find the price and reviews that are offered for that specific product. Furthermore, buyers can see whether or not they are getting a deal while also being able to see what others who have bought that product say about it. With all of this information, it becomes easier to make good purchasing decisions by knowing the price of comparable products and how others have reacted to the same item. As one of the most comprehensive apps for obtaining product reviews and prices, it is highly recommended for those who wish to make more informed decisions when making a purchase.

Yelp (iOS/Android)

Food and restaurants are one of the most reviewed purchases online. With platforms like Yelp, users who are looking to try new foods or places are able to get a sense of the service and quality of the food prior to eating there. As a platform that has millions of reviews and covers nearly every restaurant, it is extremely comprehensive in providing the reviews of previous customers as well as the prices of the food relative to other restaurants. With images, star ratings, hours, prices, and the different services that are offered, visitors can form expectations prior to eating at a particular restaurant. Beyond restaurants, Yelp is also applicable for service-based stores so that readers can gain a complete review of the business that they wish to go to.

ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner (iOS/Android)

Similarly to Amazon, ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner is an app that helps to reveal pricing, comparable product, and reviews of purchases that buyers are about to make. However, instead of having to manually enter in the item that they wish to buy, the app makes it extremely easy to search for the product by using the camera in order to take a picture of the barcode. With this, it becomes efficient for those who are purchasing several items at once as all that is required is an image of the barcode to get this data. One of the best aspects of ShopSavvy is that beyond aggregating the information, the app also suggests coupons and discounts that can be used to reduce the price of various items. Through all of these features, the app is great for those who wish to get all of the details on the purchases that they are planning to make. (iOS/Android)

While the other apps listed in this article may focus on buying products at the store or services such as restaurants, is a platform that is able to capture a complete set of items for any category. Instead of focusing on a niche or particular category, the app reveals the best prices and reviews for items ranging from tickets to electronics and even fashion. By showing comparative products and its price, users can see how the item stacks against others in the market. With this, it becomes easy to identify the lowest price, deals, and even what others who have purchased the product have said about it. Similarly to ShopSavvy, the app also utilizes the camera in order to allow users to take pictures of the barcode instead of having to manually enter in the item that they are searching for. As one of the most complete databases that can be used for shopping online or in physical stores, is a highly recommended app for a centralized directory that contains a complete set of product information.

For those who wish to be able to make more informed decisions regarding their purchases, the apps listed in this article are able to aggregate a significant amount of data to ensure that consumers can read all of the reviews and get the best prices. From tools which enable buyers to see reviews of a particular product online to others which reveal the ratings of food and service-based businesses, these apps are extremely comprehensive in understanding product reviews and prices.

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