Apps to Improve your Smartphone Performance

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As one of the most powerful tools that are made publically available for consumers, the immense access to information and communication is unprecedented with smartphones. Although many people are happy with what their smartphone can currently do, upgrades can be made to the device which do not require a high degree of technical skills. As a result, this article discusses ways in which mobile phone users are able to easily and quickly improve their device.

Battery Life

Several different methods can be used to increase the battery life of the phone which many people are not familiar with. For example, turning off the vibration can serve to significantly extend the battery life especially if it is constantly vibrating from the notifications. Furthermore, notifications should also be limited so that apps are not constantly trying to update in the background. In adjusting various settings, users are able to significantly improve the battery life.

Beyond this, apps have also been made available which are designed to prolong the battery life of the phone. For instance, Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is an app that extends the battery life of the phone with quick settings that can be activated in a single touch. With options to optimize performance, users can automatically adjust all of their settings to limit data usage and connectivity to improve battery life. Furthermore, these settings can be customized to ensure that even when the phone is in the optimized state, users can still have access to all of the tools and connectivity that they need. The combination of these features makes Battery Doctor a highly applicable app for those who are looking to prolong the battery life of their mobile device and ultimately improve the performance of their phone.


Although the phone is typically very fast in being able to do many routine tasks, it can become slower over time as a result of prolonged usage. While this is often regarded as regular wear-and-tear, this can be fixed by simply clearing some memory and changing the settings. One way to achieve optimal speeds on the device is to free up some space either manually or with an app. This can be done by clearing the cache on the phone, deleting photos, and unused apps. If done manually, the transfer of files can be saved to a desktop computer or to the cloud where it can always be accessed if needed. Apps such as Speed up my phone (booster) are designed to clear up the RAM on the device so that tasks can run quicker while Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize helps to eliminate unnecessary data that may be causing slower performance. With the combination of these apps, users are able to increase the speed at which their device runs in a matter of seconds.

Another important method of increasing the speed of the phone is to ensure that all of the apps are updated. As older app versions may be outdated due to functionality or compatibility issues with the device, keeping the apps updated is an easy way to ensure that the phone is running at top speeds.  One efficient approach to keeping all of the apps updated is to allow for automatic updates in the settings app which allow the device to automatically update the apps as new releases are made so that the user does not have to do it themselves.


One of the most popular tools that are used on the phone for a variety of functions is the mobile camera. As this technology continues to get better, there are still many different methods that can be used to improve it. For example, increasing the resolution of the camera is possible through the settings toggle once in the camera. Furthermore, by turning on HDR for the camera, users are able to take several different shots with different exposures that are then stitched together to create a single image that is much more enhanced than a regular photo. With this, users can get more detail with more light shades that would not otherwise be possible. With these methods, users are able to drastically increase camera quality very quickly.


To improve the resolution of the phone screen such as increasing the density to enhance crispness of the images, users can use NOMone Resolution Changer to adjust the setting. While not a feature that is available through the standard settings, with the app, users can adjust the density of the pixels and fit either more or fewer items onto the screen. This can also be used to determine how sharp images are seen which makes it a great tool for those who wish to get the best possible views of their device. For those who wish to improve the resolution of their screen in a way that is not possible otherwise, NOMone Resolution Changer is a highly recommended tool for being able to do so.

For those who are looking for different techniques that can be used to improve the overall performance of their mobile device, the methods and apps listed in this article are able to significantly help. From those that increase the speed of the device to others which are designed to enhance the battery life, these methods should be utilized in combination with each other to ensure that the device is functioning to its optimal standards.

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