Art Created by AI? The Future of Creativity in Computer Intelligence

art created by AI

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic among people for various reasons. The first reason is how the jobs of human beings can be at risk if the world adapts AI to different industries. For example, the packaging industry and the manufacturing industry (as robots can get their job done with more precision).

However, one cannot deny that the future will be dominated by computer intelligence. Because of the fact that it is way more advanced than humans and can expand businesses without the cost of paying for more labor. However, the topic of art and AI has been the center of controversy among creators and connoisseurs.

Art Created by AI And the Debate Over It

There have been numerous debates over the Internet on how human-made art is superior to AI. However, some people appreciate how convenient it is to make art with the help of computer intelligence. At the same time, many people have pointed out the main differences between them.

A lot of people have a dilemma related to computational intelligence and art. For example, they do not like the art created by artificial intelligence. It is because the calculated strokes from the AI do not fascinate them. They would prefer buying a piece from an artist who has spent years on a masterpiece – slowly adding more value to the piece. But there are people who prefer paintings generated by computer intelligence.

Similarly, there is a huge dilemma of the “effort” that is made to create paintings. A lot of the art pieces hold more value because of how much effort was put into creating them. On the other hand, apart from generating the computer intelligence algorithm, there is no real effort to generate an art piece using the help of computational intelligence.

Lastly, people have brought up the fact many times that art pieces that are generated by AI hold no value. Because there is no emotion behind that art. A lot of times, you will see paintings that make no sense but the story behind them makes them highly valued by the audience. However, with artificial intelligence – it’s more art than emotion.

The future horizons of creativity in computer intelligence

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first – no, computer intelligence will not take over the job of human artists and creators. Simply because it is not as fulfilling to enjoy art made by a machine. People would prefer getting their art pieces from an artist who has been through thick and thin to create them. Rather than just buying the art piece for the sake of it. Just as everyone has a favorite dish of theirs because of the memories attached to it rather than its taste. So, as long as there are people who savor real art, computer intelligence cannot take over the creative industry.

However, many other processes will get streamlined with the help of AI. For example, the patterns of your tiles or bed sheet will be more practical for production by AI. Rather than spending hours creating a design by yourself. So, analyzing both sides of the coin, we can come up with a theory that both branches (computer intelligence and human-made art) will work side by side. Rather than taking over each other.

Artificial Intelligence and Art

There are many tools available on the Internet that will help people create images using certain problems. For example, a strawberry wearing a hat made out of a cactus. It works for social media agencies. If they want to come up with something quick for their social media campaigns and cannot waste a lot of time on the art.

However, there are many people within the industry that criticize this process. It is because they think that the beauty of any art piece lies in the process that it goes through. Every time an artist starts a piece, they have a different picture of it in their mind. However, as the process goes on, the piece evolves into something else that is more beautiful than the idea the artist had at first.

Therefore, with the advent of artificial intelligence and computer intelligence, one can say that the creative process will die down if it is adapted to every other industry that deals with art.


There is a very thin line between using technology for your convenience and killing the creative process while making it more convenient. Therefore, there is a huge debate about using AI to create art.

However, this debacle should not discourage people from coming up with new tools to streamline different industries using computational intelligence. But, maintaining the integrity of the creative industry is crucial in the process.

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