Best Apps for Cheap and Convenient Flights

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As flight travel becomes more accessible to people around the world as a result of cheaper prices, it is still a large barrier for many people who are looking for inexpensive and convenient ways to get around the world. As a result, the travel industry has been transformed so that individuals can now book their own flights without having a third-party travel agent do it for them which can save a significant amount of money. With tools such as apps to ease the process of booking flights, this article discusses the best ones that should be used for those who are looking to fly more conveniently and economically.

Flights (Android)

As a tool that scours the web to aggregate all of the prices that are offered by the various airline companies, Flights brings all of the data into a single source so that users can find the best prices without having to visit each individual website. In doing so, it becomes extremely easy to compare prices and even book the flight right from the app. As a tool that is easy to navigate, the app gives a variety of options that are essential when selecting a flight such as if it is one way or round trip, which class the seat is in, and the different seating options that are available. Given the comprehensiveness of Flights coupled with the simplicity in being able to locate and book flights right from the phone, the app is one that is highly recommended for those who are looking for a convenient place to buy flight tickets.

Hopper – Book Flights & Hotels (iOS/Android)

One of the best tools that can be used to significantly reduce the price of flights is Hopper which uses advanced algorithms to predict the prices of flights in the future so that users can purchase the ticket when the price is at its lowest. Furthermore, when the app has deemed that a price will be at its lowest in the near future, users can get a push notification so that they can be prompted to make a purchase at the optimal time. One of the best aspects of Hopper is that beyond just flights, the app also combines the flights with hotel prices so that users can get a greater deal if they need to book both together. With all of the cost savings that are available through the app, Hopper is a great tool that uses advanced predictive algorithms to reduce the price of flights and hotels for their users.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars (iOS/Android)

Even more comprehensive than the previously mentioned apps, KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars is a tool that covers nearly every aspect of travel, including flights. Through the app, users are able to select a wide range of options in terms of their flight from stops and departures to amenities with rates being exclusive to the app so that users get the best prices when compared to other flight platforms. KAYAK also shows the flight prices for the last 90 days so that users can see if the prices are likely to go up in the future. In being able to combine the prices of flights, hotels, and rental cars into a single app, users can get significant discounts when purchasing these travel packages together. As an app that is focused on flights but also covers the other essentials when travelling, KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars is a must have for those who are looking to purchase their travel packages at a cheap rate.

Cheapflights – Flight Search (iOS/Android)

As the name implies, Cheapflights is an app that lets its users compare prices of all of the airlines and travel agencies so that the best purchasing decisions can be made. Similarly to the other apps listed in this article, Cheapflight also compares the prices of cars and hotels and even bundles them together for a cheaper package instead of buying them individually at a higher rate. However, what differentiates the app from other comparable tools is that the app has a Smart Value feature which finds the best flights for based on price and duration of the flight instead of only looking at the prices. For example, if a flight is cheaper but is significantly longer compared to a flight that is a bit more expensive but is a lot shorter, the Smart Value feature may recommend the more expensive flight as flyers can save a significant amount of time. With this feature, Cheapflights is an app that is recommended for those looking for an automated way to balance the time of their flight and the cost of the flight.

Skyscanner (Beta) (iOS/Android)

As a comprehensive tool that encompasses flights, hotels, and car rentals, Skyscanner is a popular name in the flight industry for its ease of use. Through the app, users are able to book flights that are ranked based on if they are expensive relative to other flights. Furthermore, notifications can be set up once the price for a particular flight has decreased dramatically. In terms of hotels and car rentals, Skyscanner also provides the reviews and prices of the different services that are offered so that users can make all of their purchases from a centralized location. With all of these features, users are able to get reduced prices for their entire travel experience as an end-to-end solution that provides a seamless interface which is simple to navigate and is ma great tool for those looking to fly.

For those who are looking for ways in which to reduce the prices of their flight, the tools listed in this article are able compare the prices of different tickets so that the cheapest flights can be found. From apps which are able to compare prices of different flights to others that combine different travel packages to also include hotels and car rentals, these apps should be used by those who are looking to fly with a greater degree of convenience and cost savings.

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