Best Gadgets for Mobile Phones

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Although the smartphone is regarded as the smartest piece of technology that a person carries around with them on a daily basis, there are several limitations as to what can and cannot be done with the device. Given the various limiting factors, several tools and accessories have been created in order to enhance the technical capabilities of the phone. With so many available for various usages, this article discusses the best gadgets that can significantly increase the versatility and function of the mobile phone for everyday applications.

Smart Lock

As a tool that is able to unlock doors without keys or an input, users of smart locks can accessed their locked doors simply by having the phone nearby. Although there are various alternatives available in terms of door lock devices, August Smart Lock HomeKit is an easy to install and sleek device that fits over most traditional rotation locks. After fitting the lock, the app can be downloaded which will then unlock the door automatically when the mobile device is in range so that users do not have to unlock the door by themselves. Furthermore, users can also get notifications when someone is attempting to unlock their door as well as remotely unlock the door with the app in instances where they want to unlock the door for someone else while they are not there. With various integrations such as log history and the ability to enable voice control, the August Smart Lock HomeKit is one of the most versatile and comprehensive locks that introduces a whole new dimension to traditional locks.

Product Tracking

Given that various belongings can be easily misplaced such as keys or wallets, Tile is one of the most innovative devices that can complement the mobile phone to make it more intelligent in terms of tracking things. All that is required from the user is to attach the various keys to the items and then assign an identifier to them through the app. With this, users can then find the location of all of their tracked belongings through the Tile app. For example, if a user were to lose their keys, they would be able to go into the app and do several things to find it such as activate the ring tone, track the last known location, or access the Tile community so that others who may come across it are able to return it to the owner. As an intuitive tool with multiple keys that can be attached to various products at the same time, users get complete control over their belongings and can enjoy peace of mind in the event that it goes missing.

Identifying Colors

One of the most revolutionary devices for identifying colors in real time is through the Variable which is extremely intuitive to use. All that is required with the device is for users to scan any surface with the camera which then relays it back to the app. From there, users are able to see exactly what color the surface is. With an easy to use cylinder that is far more accurate than the human eye, Variable can help with a range of usages such as identifying colors for art, clothing, or furniture.  Through the mobile app, items can be recommended based on the scanned color such as clothing or paint palettes so that it provides an end-to-end solution from identifying the color to purchasing related items. Either for personal or professional applications, Variable is a device that can greatly enhance the intelligence of the mobile phone.

Screen Projector

As the screen of the mobile phone is relatively small and difficult for several people to see at once, the Smartphone Projector is an accessory that can project the screen onto a larger surface such as a wall for a greater viewing experience. Through the projector, users simply turn the screen that they want to view and then place it into the projector at which point they are able to adjust the size and sharpness of the display. With the capability to display up to 40 inches in screen size as well as focus up to 10x, the device is one that is extremely versatile for many surfaces. Furthermore, there are few technical requirements and set up in order to use the projector, making it great for those who are not as technically inclined.  Requiring no batteries and encompassing a high degree of portability, the Smartphone Projector is a gadget that can be used for a range of purposes to enhance the smartphone.

When you are looking to upgrade away from a simple screen projector, TechReport has a list of their top 7 mobile outdoor projectors to buy for cheap.


Typing on a mobile phone can be an inconvenience given the size of the keys relative to fingers.  For those who regularly have to type large amounts of text on their device, the Folio Keyboard is a tool that connects the phone to a larger keyboard to make typing more efficient and convenient. As the keyboard is only the size of a small book and is extremely flat, carrying it around is not a hassle. The keyboard also comes with a mount so that users are able to attach their phone at an angle on a stand to make it more intuitive as if it were a laptop. Extremely inexpensive with a plug-and-play design that only requires users to plug in a cord, the Folio Keyboard can fit an assorted range of phone sizes so that it can be utilized no matter what the device is. As a way to increase productivity for those who type large amounts of text on their phone, the Folio Keyboard is an accessory that can makes the smartphone even more efficient.

Given that there are a large number of devices that can complement mobile phones, the ones listed in this article are able to significantly increase the efficiency and intelligence of the mobile phone. From those that can automatically unlock doors to others that project the screen, these inexpensive tools can surpass the limitations of the mobile device to increase versatility.

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