The Best Travel Apps for City Exploration

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You’ve just arrived in a new city. You want to get out and explore, but don’t know where to begin. Get the best travel apps to help you.

You may use a variety of interesting travel applications to help you find awesome sites around town. Here are some of the best travel apps for discovering new locations in strange places.

1. Spotted by Locals: One of the best travel apps for city exploration.

The premise behind the Spotted by Locals app is that no one knows a city like the locals do. It relies on recommendations from hand-picked spotters who know the good spots in town as well as the ones you should avoid.

The app came out of an Amsterdam-focused city blog. It now includes information for 66 locations across the world. You will have to pay a small fee ($3.99) for each guide. However, this includes all future suggestions added to the location as well as the ability to use it offline.

2. RunGo: The running app for traveling.

Going for a run might be one of the first things you want to do in a new place. However, finding a nice trail might be difficult. RunGo bridges the gap between fitness and travel apps. It shows you the best local routes to see the landmarks in your area.

Users can post their own preferred paths around town for others to benefit from. In addition, there are featured routes in big towns. RunGo is for you if you want to see the interesting spots in a city while also improving your fitness.

  • Free, Android and iOS

3. Musement: The travel companion app.

Musement aspires to be your ideal travel companion, no matter where you are on the globe. It covers 350 destinations globally, with specific local content in 25 of the largest cities. It includes neighborhoods, attractions, restaurants, pubs, and concerts.

The app does have a commercial component in the shape of event and reservation bookings. However, it’s not intrusive. Furthermore, the app itself is clean and easy to browse. It’s perfect for exploring. However, be mindful about booking anything through a third party, as is the case with most things.

  • Free, Android and iOS

4. Meetup

Perhaps you don’t want to see any of the local landmarks in the city where you’ve just arrived. Instead, you want to make some new acquaintances. Meetup can assist you if this is the case. After all, once you’ve been acquainted, you can always ask your new friends about the most interesting places in town.

The app is simply a directory of local events and groups. Therefore, you can browse for anything that looks interesting (literally and figuratively). After that, you can connect with other like-minded people in the area. Alternatively, you can also organize your own meetup.

  • Free, Android and iOS

5. Nearify: The event app.

Simply put, Nearify connects you to local events and performances that you’re likely to enjoy. You can look about and see what’s going on and choose anything interesting. In addition, you can walk around to learn more about the city you’re in (and perhaps make a friend or two).

There are a plethora of categories here. It covers all forms of music, comedy, dining out, and drinking activities. Therefore, unless you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, you shouldn’t be bored. You can also receive event alerts in advance.

  • Free, Android and iOS

6. Like a Local

As you might have guessed from its name, Like a Local is another app that aims to provide you suggestions from locals. In addition, it’s one of the most polished alternatives out there. Furthermore, it is one of the most comprehensive apps in terms of the locations it covers.

The emphasis is on enjoyable things to see and do in your chosen location. There are some touristy options (which you may not mind). However, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path possibilities to explore as well. Each city guide will set you back $1.99.

  • Free, Android and iOS

7. Instagram

You’ve definitely heard of Instagram. However, have you ever thought of using it to help you plan your trip? You may browse through all of the popular and current photos people are posting to a specific location. Do this by tapping the search symbol on the home screen, then opening the Places tab.

Sure, you’ll take a lot of selfies. However, you might be amazed by how many interesting sights, locales, bars, and restaurants you discover. It’s a different method to come discover interesting sites.

  • Free, Android and iOS

8. Apple Maps: The app for more exploration features.

While we’ve avoided discussing the standard travel applications that almost everyone is familiar with this list, Apple Maps deserves a mention. On a regular basis, new exploration features are added to these default apps.

Apple Maps for iOS 10 features a new appearance and filters to make it easier to find nearby places of interest. You can search for almost anything (like bars, for instance), then swipe down the results list to restrict your search.

9. Google Maps: Everyone’s app.

Some Google Maps users have noticed a new “explore” area. It works great! To view what’s in your immediate vicinity, hit the GPS icon. After that, hit the Explore link at the bottom.

The brilliance of this Google Maps feature is the ability to drill down into “where the locals go.” In addition, it lets you see “seats outside,” or “excellent beers,” for example, based on other Maps users’ input and recommendations. It can help you find places you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  • Free, Android and iOS

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