How to Create a Business Culture That Focuses on Growth

business culture

Business culture is the personality of your organization. It always needs to evolve in a positive manner. Your company culture is the shared set of beliefs, values, and ideas that all influence the personality of your organization. Moreover, it also includes the work environment and dealing with customers.

When you hire a new employee, you add another variable to the company. Every person has a different personality, thought process, and set of beliefs which pushes your business culture to change. Growth is very important for a company at any level and that is what you should focus on. According to some studies, a company’s culture is very important in the retention of employees. In order to have a strong company culture, you should focus on employee growth.

Here are some basic yet effective tips on how to focus on growth by creating a good business culture.

Clearly Demonstrate the Mission and Vision of Your Company

Clearly articulate the mission, vision, and strategic goals of your company. It must be clear to everyone what is the purpose of their presence in this business and what they should strive for to fit into the bigger picture.

Clarify the Cultural Elements

This includes the values and behaviors you expect from your employees. For instance, it could be honest, responsive, or proactive behavior. Along with this, efficient customer-centric behavior is also necessary to define it, as well as for your employees. Your team determines what heights of success your business can go to. So, strive to have the best team to build a powerful culture.

Provide Employees Resources for Personal Growth

Saying your business involves the personal and professional growth of employees is not enough until you act upon it. You should support your employees by providing them different opportunities and time to grow. They should have easy access to multiple resources.

You can do it by providing them an account of online training resources like Udemy, or support for continued education. Moreover, offering internal training, products, and services can also be a great way to support the personal growth of employees.

Your Company Values Should Be Centered on Growth

To have a better company culture that revolves around growth, it’s imperative to have company values focused on it. For instance, if you have a company value of “seek growth” then this may push your employees to implement it. This value depicts the importance of employee growth and development.

It is also very important to not create company values for the sake of having. Rather try to integrate them throughout your company to have a transparent and strong company culture.

Have An Honest Evaluation System

An effective evaluation system in an organization is very important since it plays a crucial role in evaluating the performance of employees. Through this, you can also see how often your employees are participating in the desired behaviors.

ETW has formalized an evaluation system in which every supervisor set expectations with each employee stating the behaviors required in the job. Using an objective measurement system (1-10 ratings), the success rate of an employee is evaluated. The employee who follows the rules will always get 10. Meanwhile, members who don’t follow them get lower ratings according to the scoring system.

Arrange Meetings for Performance Improvement

We all know improvement takes time so don’t jump on your employees for not improving instantly. Rather arrange meetings and set expectations again and tell them what actions can improve their performance giving them a higher score. Apart from this, celebrate the achievement and improvement in your employees’ performance whenever you see it.

Hire A Training Specialist to Speed Up Employee Growth

Hiring a specialist for the training and development of employees can be a game-changer. The responsibilities of a specialist include providing comprehensive guidance on goal setting, career mapping, and coaching different teams and their roles.

Have A Growth Mindset

It’s very important to lead your team with a growth mindset. When you adopt a unique leadership mindset and consistently model an effective growth approach with your people, you provide everyone a safe zone to discuss their concerns. Your employees will see them in a safe place, and they will be more expressive in addressing their vulnerabilities.

We all have gaps in our skills or understanding and sometimes we don’t want to expose those gaps. This is unhealthy workplace behavior since it can directly undermine the company’s overall growth and performance. However, if you are leading with a growth approach trying to encourage everyone to discuss their gaps, your employees will see it as a developmental opportunity. When you address those gaps, sustainable personal and organizational success will happen with the collaborative work of every person in your company.

Remember, supported employees are the happiest employees. You must support your employees for them to be happy, healthy, and successful. Emphasizing their growth is a good idea to do so. So, support your team by creating a business culture that strives for growth at the personal and organizational levels.

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