Captum – Turn Anything Into An Augmented Reality Ad

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Captum - AR Photo to Video App is a way to turn anything whatsoever into an Augmented Reality ad, all available at the tip of your finger.

Augmented Reality; a term that inspires feelings of complete terror and confusion – is it some kind of alternative reality, a nightmarish, dystopian hellscape that makes life unbearable? Or is it a way for the corporate world to further control us all?

Well, it’s pretty much the latter one; however, it can also be pretty fun!

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a way for users to experience something in an entirely different way; instead of just watching a 2-d visual advertisement, or watching a complete video as an ad, users can experience their advertisements as an actual story experience.

If you remember the craze of Pokémon Go and participated in the mad rush of capturing the newest and best Pokémon, then you will have an idea of what AR actually is. In essence, it converts the real world into an augmented one, changing it and adding or taking away things to provide a complete experience.

Captum is an app that seeks to make it a great deal easier to not only create AR advertisements for companies but also for users to be able to interact with products that they find in the wild and consider whether or not to purchase.

At present, all advertisements work by recognition and reminding; you see an ad that catches your fancy, it stays in your mind and you hopefully remember it when it comes time to buy something similar to it. With Augmented Reality, however, you can become an active participant in the ad, allowing you to not only have a more pleasant, even less intrusive ad experience, but also be able to actively learn and experience that product.

The key thing that Captum offers its users is the ability to create AR video ads from almost anything; by taking a brief video of what you want to create, you can add custom images, audio and effects and create a complete AR experience. Then, once it is in the wild, users can then interact with that ad in their day to day lives.

What’s more, they can actually click on that ad and engage with it, allowing them to be able to see not only what the product actually is, but also who made it and who sells that product, making it easier than ever to actually buy the product you want.

Captum is a great example of an app that has a clear purpose in mind and does whatever it can to achieve it. Although the technology is still early days and some of the functionality isn’t as crystal clear as it could be, it has the potential to be something amazing as more and more people use it.

[review pros=”An example of burgeoning technology for advertisements. Simple and easy to create AR ads.” cons=”Some of the functionality is still a bit work in progress, with slowdowns and the occasional error.” score=8]

[appbox googleplay com.arpromotionsllc.captum]

Captum – AR Photo to Video App

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