Capture and share special moments with Pixinote

With the ability to mail personalized photo greeting cards straight from the phone, Pixinote offers its users the option to bring the sentimental value of physical photographs from digital ones. While it is not uncommon for the average mobile device user to have hundreds of photos that are rarely viewed, the app enables users to emphasize their most special moments as they are able to select images to send to anybody, be it Pixinote members or personal contacts from Facebook or their contacts list. Once the user has selected who they want to send a card to, they can choose a photo and attach a note. Upon completing this, the Pixinote team handles the rest from printing to cropping and sending the greeting card. Made highly convenient and easy to use, the app charges only $2.50 per note sent, making it an affordable option.

In spite of the countless photo sharing companies that compete in the app space such as Instagram and Facebook,  they tend to focus on digital photos that are quickly disregarded. This is exemplified in the scrolling nature of these platforms that lets users quickly scroll through there feed to look at images for several seconds before moving on to the next picture. This method of viewing picture tends to devalue the memories as the sites are diluted with photographs. To serve the niche market that tends to cherish photos more, Pixinote is able to appeal to new age digital enthusiasts as well as classic physical photo demographics by combining aspects of both markets. By turning digital photographs into physical greeting cards with ease, users of Pixinote have greater incentives to unclutter their photo gallery by sending physical photographs instead of storing digital versions forever.

As mobile photography increases in quality and becomes more popular, the app is poised to be an important player in the photo printing space. Although a highly concentrated area, Pixinote has effectively filled a niche that other competitors have not yet realized. With the logistics of physical printing and shipping sorted, the company has a significant advantage over competitors who are interested in entering the space. Features that make the app highly accessible include the ability to earn free credits that can be utilized towards printing as well as birthday notifications that make it easy to send memories as a gift, even at the last second.

For those who are interested in reaping the benefits of physical photographs either for themselves or as a gift for others, Pixinote is a one-stop-shop designed to make sending of personalized photo greeting cards simple. Despite being on the higher end of $2.50 per card, the price is on par with similar retailers offering to print photographs when it is considered that the process of cropping and mailing the photos are included in this price. More intimate than a simple email or tweet, the services offered by the Pixinote team are great for nearly every occasion.

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