6 Best Car Apps for Android in 2021

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People spend most of their time driving around in their cars. Auto manufacturers are trying to make the car driving experience easy and fun with all the digital accessories on the front console. However, the ecosystem is not astounding yet, and it’ll be fantastic to let our smartphones pick the benefits. 

Not all cars come with the benefit of using mobile apps to control car functionality. If you want one in your next used car purchase, do your research.

If you are looking to buy a used car, we advise you to perform a car history check. The history report generated through the Revs Check helps you know detailed history like a stolen report, written-off check, and financial check. Also, you can check these stats while plugging your smartphone into the dashboard of a car. Therewithal, here is a list of our top six best car apps for Android in 2021.

Android Auto

Android Auto is getting impressive as Google plans to refresh the experience. The Google Assistant featured in Android Auto lets you physically touch the console screen. The new UI layout allows you to view Google Maps, incoming calls, text messages, and music highlighted clearly on the dashboard.

You can sync between your Android device and car’s console using Bluetooth and location sharing, which is impressively quick and responsive. Android Auto is completely free for Android users; however, it can get as expensive as $500 while installing it into your car. It is an easy recommendation when it comes to the best car apps in 2021.

Car Scanner ELM OBD2

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) is a professional AI integrated car diagnostic solution connected through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The car you own has a dashboard that shows the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, cruise control, and so on; the ELM OBD2 Scanner puts all of this data accessible anytime, anywhere at your fingertips.

The dashboard layout shows data in real-time, and you don’t have to worry about fuel running low or engine panic. The scanner comes with the HUD mode, which allows you to project vehicle information to your windshield.


When you are cruising on an unfamiliar road, you might cross over the speed limit resulting in traffic fines. Mobile applications like Radarbot are designed to keep both driver and passenger safe during heavy traffic and in the condition you drive above the speed limit. It warns you about speed cameras and tunnel cameras through sound and vibration. 

Accuracy is critical when you want your app to test real-time tracking; Radarbot does that effortlessly. Thanks to its impressive user interface and accurate measurement, people buzz about the product in the market.


It’s incredible to see the Drivvo Android app doing almost everything from car maintenance check to fuel meter reading. It’s a must-have application for people who drive around the city in heavy traffic conditions.

Impressively Drivvo keeps a log of information about a vehicle’s history and presents the stats and summary whenever required. It keeps you notified about the maintenance to be done and keeps you in a disciplined driving habit, which eventually saves you some bucks. It’s available to download for free in the Google Play store and has got lots of users’ trust. 

Torque Pro

Torque Pro is a professional OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) app to troubleshoot a car’s performance. It is one of our favorite OBD2 recommendations over all other Android apps. Torque Pro runs and erases the pending and recent ECU codes when it comes to diagnosing your vehicle. 

The app also comes with O2 sensor monitoring that tells if your car could pass federal and state emissions. It works with a miniature adapter along with Bluetooth On-Board Diagnostics 2 adapter, which should not obstruct your driving experience.


DashDroid allows you to use your Android phone as the dashboard of your car. Simply put, you have the leverage to view and control the stats of a car be it time, speed, weather, fuel meter, and many more. Dash Droid does it all with its eight custom buttons. 

Interestingly, like Android Auto, you can control your DashDroid with a powerful voice command, which makes it simple and easy. You can also make a hands-free call and listen to music using DashDroid. It gives a pleasant experience with its impressive user interface and control functions. Moreover, the day/night-based interface of an app is remarkable to note. The car dashboard infotainment app, DashDroid, is free to download for Android users.

We have just reviewed our six best car apps for Android in 2021. It’s impressive to see smartphones doing smart work, even for the automobile industry. These car apps show you dashboard information and teach you the disciplined habit of driving to save you some bucks. Hopefully, this list might convince you to focus on your driving behavior rather than having to worry about the car too much.

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