Carry Me Home is an instant drinking game for any party

The games found within the app are pretty simple, and many are similar to the kind of dorm room standards drinking game connoisseurs are used to. Carry Me Home is played by grouping together (generally with drinks, though they aren’t required) and picking a random object to serve as the trophy. Then you play through a series of challenges, some that result in drinking for the losers, others that will change who has possession of the trophy. The trick is to get to the end with the trophy in-hand to win.

Some examples of the games include taking turns naming comedians until someone draws a blank, or being forced to call out as many words beginning with the letter “L” as possible in just 20 seconds. Each turn, you pass your iPhone or iPad to the next person in the circle and they are given a task that either applies to just them or to everyone – kind of like playing classic party games like Taboo or Pictionary. Carry Me Home excels at being simple party game fun, with good production values and a low barrier of entry. Grab it for your next party, whether you’re drinking or not.

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