Best User-Generated Content Apps

One of the most popular sources of online content is not created by large corporations such as news or media companies, but rather by other users on the internet. As one of the ultimate platforms that offer a democratic input, user generated sites have emerged to become extremely popular for both entertainment and news. With so many different sites that are available for various niches, this article discusses the different ones that are available for users to get content from the respective community.

Color Your Way to Calm  

Coloring books have become extremely popular over the last few years with adults, being used mainly as a way to relax and switch off from the demands of the 21st century.

Audials – An A+ Radio Player

Radio, one of the oldest and most common forms of receiving information either for entertainment or for news, has been significantly transformed in the modern era. From traditional boxes that are the size of living room furniture to being able to listen to the radio while in the car, this medium has been made more accessible than ever before.

Escape Reality with These Augmented Reality Apps

One of the most popular fields in technology is current augmented reality, or AR, where virtual elements are projected and can interact with the surrounding environment. While this realm is still new and in the early stages of development, several applications have been made which leverages this technology for both practical applications as well as entertainment. With so many available, this article discusses the best ones available in the space which utilizes AR to allow for a greater degree of environmental interaction.

Must Have Apps for Disney Fans

Bring the magic of Disney to your phone with an array of Disney apps that will take you on a magical adventure, from Disney games to keyboards that transform every area of your phone into Disney Land.

Launch and Maintain a YouTube Channel with Apps

YouTube is one of the fastest growing video platforms that exist with 300 hours of content being uploaded each minute. Given the popularity and the potential to form an actual career from the platform, many people aim to create videos on a range of topics. However, a common misconception with YouTube is that a significant amount of resources are required to start a channel in terms of filming equipment and editing software. As this is not true given the apps that are available, this article discusses the best ones that can be used to start a YouTube channel.

Best Apps for Book enthusiasts

The way that we read is changing most people no longer rely on their local library or book club to stay up-to-date with the latest bestsellers. Instead, we are turning to the small devices most of us have glued to our hands for the latest titles and bookish discussions.

5 best streaming apps that are totally free!

Netflix has revolutionised the way that most of us watch TV and movies. They introduced the concept of binge watching shows on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It is because of Netflix and similar services that a growing number of people don’t even own a TV or pay for a cable service. We cannot argue that the service is great but they don’t offer every movie, or even some of the newest hit TV shows. We don’t all want to pay a monthly subscription for a service we might not use that often. This is where free streaming services come in, we love them because they’re free and they normally offer something different and can even that niche film you’ve been unable to find anywhere else.