Few deals found with Best Buy Weekly Deals

Jumping on the app bandwagon, big-box electronics retailer Best Buy rolled out an iPhone version of its paper Weekly Deals flyer. But despite the company’s technology specialty, this app doesn’t

Why I don’t like MyFantasyTeams Pro

What is it like for fantasy players to be tied to a computer during game day? Inconvenient. Yahoo! tries to solve this problem with MyFantasyTeams Pro, but the results are

Much lost in translation with Translate It!

Not all English speakers are adept at foreign languages, and the Translate It! app can provide some assistance in limited situations. The app’s bugs, however, could force you to scream profanities

Sportacular takes a gambler’s view of sports

There are plenty of iPhone apps to update sports scores but not many for practicing your betting skills. Sportacular does that and more. Like any worthwhile sports app, Sportacular provides

Roambi is pie (chart) in the sky

If you have an hour to invest in productivity tool Roambi you will be very happy with results.  Tables of numbers are sometimes hard to grasp; transfer them to charts


11 Work-Life Balance Quotes

Poor work-life balance leads to stress. The reason behind this is that employees want to do more work in minimum time. This perceived need of

Top Work-Life Balance Memes of 2023

The current generation is dealing with a big crisis. As inflation is going through the roof, everyone is trying hard to make ends meet. In

10 Quotes about Company Culture

Company culture is highly important in a workplace. If you’re working a job that pays you really well but you cannot seem to build an