From Tourist to Londoner in Just Five Apps

Part of the fun of a holiday is wearing stupid clothes you wouldn’t dare wear at home, walking around with your DSLR that you hide in a cupboard for the rest of the year and stopping randomly along a path to check your giant paper map.

Roadside Assistance Done Easily with Jrop

Although the car is one of the best forms of modern transportation that offers an unparalleled level of mobility, mechanical issues that arise can cause a significant amount of inconvenience. As many car-based apps help users to identify various problems, the tools and technical skills needed to carry out the repairs as they occur are not readily available to many drivers. Given that drivers are not technically familiar with the mechanical nature of cars, many simple issues may require a car servicing specialist who charges a significant rate for their work. As a result, Jrop is a tool that is able to save users a significant amount of money, time, and stress.

Uber No Longer Keeps Track of the Destinations

Uber, one of the fastest growing and most popular technology startups to exist, has been the center of much controversy surrounding their competitive practices, scandals, and disruptive nature of the business.

Disrupting the Ride-Sharing Economy with Skedaddle

As the cost of transportation only becomes more expensive to include fluctuating gas prices, insurance, and vehicle maintenance, alternative methods of getting around is becoming more popular to include ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. In order to avoid these costs as well as find convenient ways of travelling, Skedaddle has been developed to make transportation with others an easy and accessible process. Through introducing features that enable for reserving a seat in a luxury vehicle for any destination, the app is one that brings the notion of ride-sharing to the next level.

Top iOS Apps for Car Owners

Owning a car can be simultaneously stressful and highly convenient. When the car is functioning smoothly with no problems, it can be regarded as one of the best tools that are available whereas when things are going wrong with different aspects of the vehicle, it can be a large burden. To ensure that cars are always able serve drivers, the best apps for managing the health of the vehicle as well as the costs associated with driving are outlined in this article, from getting the best gas prices to avoiding traffic.

Townske City Guides: The beauty of travelling and sharing experiences

Travelling without a written guide can often feel as if you’re blindfolded, trying to explore a new location without any real idea of where you’re going and why. They’ve become an essential part of any holiday, and, thanks to the rise of the internet, are now more easily accessible than ever. With this, the number of online travel blogs has grown exponentially, all giving their own advice on how to best spend your time in a certain place in the world. Townske compiles blogs from all across the globe into one easy-to-use app, and ensures you’ll never be lost for ideas again, no matter where you are.

The best and most useful aviation apps pilots of all levels and aircraft should have on their iPhone

Whether you’re aspiring to get into the pilot seat of a light aircraft, a gigantic jetliner, or a helicopter, reaching your literally lofty goals will require years of studying and thousands of hours of rigorous practice. In case you’re already there – and by there we mean the coveted pilot seat -, regardless of both the size and the purpose of the aircraft you are flying, you must know very well from firsthand experience that being a pilot is equally as stressful of a job as it is enviable, unique, and enjoyable. The responsibilities you carry are huge, as the lives of human beings depend on your expertise, which is the utmost reason why you have to give one hundred percent every single time you fly an airplane. Although modern cockpits are packed with a wide range of electronic flight instruments, it is never a bad idea to load up on iPhone aviation apps – especially the ones introduced in our comprehensive compilation. Get ready for takeoff!

MyRoute – Plan a Route That Has Multiple Stops With Ease

The iTunes store is no stranger to navigation apps. However, if you’re looking for an app that allows you to set multiple stops on your itinerary, you’re limited in your choices. One app that does allow this is MyRoute. Whether you’re in the delivery or trucking industries, setting up multiple stops on your daily itinerary can save you time and a lot of planning. Let’s take a look at how MyRoute stacks up to the competition?

Battling Transportation Services – BetterTaxi

An increasing variety of taxi services are available for those who need on-demand transportation to and from destinations. While convenient, these services are not positioned to deliver the best possible experience for the rider. For instance, although Uber is the most popular taxi service that is currently available, many negative reviews about the services offered by the company can be found due to the drivers, unfair wages, and pricing schemes such as surge in prices during peak hours.

Take Campmate with you on your travels

Campmate, a new camping, glamping and caravanning app, will bring more than 600 beautifully rendered UK campsites and holiday parks to the fingertips of iPhone users.