Manage Your NASCAR Team in Pit Stop Racing: Manager

Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton: just some of the many drivers recognised as the best of all time. It’s they who race at the wheel, perform the most daring of moves, and ultimately win the world championship. Yet behind every driver is a team, and without the engineers, designers, and team bosses there’s little chance of the driver finding success. Pit Stop Racing: Manager recognises this, and puts players in the shoes of the team behind the curtain – albeit for a NASCAR outfit as opposed to Formula One – giving them a chance to see the sport from a different perspective. Really, though, it’s a game about small engineers sending any kind of vehicle they can buy on thousands of laps to collect gold stars.

Designing Creative Routes with Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills

Physics games are extremely popular for being able to leverage real life dynamics to create a captivating pastime. From those that utilize gravity to dictate how a ball flies through the air to those that determine if a bridge is able to hold the weight of the cargo that is passing over it, the software capabilities of mobile devices enable for sophisticated calculations in order to carry out the dynamics of the game. One such app that has utilized physics as a core driver of its gameplay is Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills which allows players to experience complete control over their vehicle and its path.

The Best and Most Unique Car Games All Car Maniacs Must Have on their iPhone

Most of us have had a few years during our childhood when we were absolutely hooked on cars. We bought all the magazines we could get our hands on, knew the names of all car brands and models by heart, and were playing with car games on our computer or console as often as we could. Some of us have outgrown car mania, but just as many have carried over their love for cars well into adulthood, maintaining the same level of everlasting, child-like enthusiasm towards four-wheeled machines – and consequently towards car games. Thanks to a colorful spectrum of sub-genres, the scope of car games is not at all constrained strictly to racing games. In our compilation enlisting the best car games for iPhone, we will touch on a number of these sub-genres, while also introducing some car racing classics you must have on your iOS device.

The Best Car Racing Games All Speed Demons Must Have on Their iPhone

Driving work-of-art supercars has always been a surefire item on almost everyone’s bucket list, which is exactly why racing games have been around since the dawn of computer games. Having a garage full of aesthetically pleasing and faster-than-the-speed-of-light vehicles will most probably remain a pipedream for most of us, but thanks to these awesome iOS games, we can still experience the fast life in a variety of contexts and styles.

Brexit, the game: British bus is going against the traffic

British vote to leave the European Union shocked people around the World and even British voters themselves, some of whom just realized later the consequences their votes might have. Within a week, heroes from Iceland sent home the British football team from the European Championship, which might have smaller influence on the global economy, still it was a shocking result for fans. Anyone who is touched by the week when British left everything behind is invited to play Brexit on iPhone.

iPhone App Video Review: Reckless Racing 2

It’s been over a year since the world was first introduced to Reckless Racing, and after some other projects, Polarbit Games and Pixelbite have finally revisited the intellectual property and given us Reckless Racing 2. This is a top notch sequel to an excellent rally racer, with great visuals, revamped UI, updated gameplay and plenty of content.

Streetbike: Full Blast is a fun racing experience

Streetbike: Full Blast isn’t a thrill a minute, and the controls take some customizing to get right, but at the end of the day it offers a solid and robust racing experience for anyone who feels like getting their thrills on a superbike. The game guides players through its main racing mode, upping the difficulty […]

GT Racing: Motor Academy fails to take advantage of the iPhone

I love the fact that the iPhone apps these days have better graphics than some of the systems that we were using only a few years ago. The mobile gaming has come so far, and it’s great to see a variety of game types on these devices. GT Racing: Motor Academy is a street-racing game […]

Red Bull Augmented Racing iPhone game gets the checkered flag

The free Red Bull Augmented Racing iPhone app is an engagingly fun ride for race car enthusiasts. You can choose any one of several racetracks provided by the game, or choose a racetrack that was built by you or your peers. What you’ll need to create your own track is a real can of Red […]

Extreme_Formula a mildly entertaining futuristic racing iPad game

The racing genre is a pretty competitive area for app developers. With existing games such as Need For Speed and Real Racing, new racing titles have much to live up to. Unfortunately, Extreme_Formula ($3.99) just doesn’t have what it takes to become a great racing game. It’ll only grab your attention for a short while […]