Top Artificial Intelligence Apps for IOS

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular fields in science and technology today which introduces a new element of assisting its users in a range of tasks. With apps that leverage AI to be more predictive and proactive in their offerings, they can begin to make autonomous decisions with fewer human inputs. Whether the long term uses of AI is beneficial to humanity or poses a threat, the short term implications suggest that it can offer a high degree of automation across many industry verticals. With the apps listed in this article, users can begin to leverage AI in a way that helps to ease many manual tasks to reduce inefficiency.

The Best Astronomy Apps All Stargazers Must Have on their iPhone

Stars have always fascinated human beings. Starlight travels unthinkable distances of hundreds of thousands of light years through deep space and mysterious, undiscovered galaxies, and by the time it reaches our tiny blue planet, the stars themselves might not even exist anymore. Stars are not only reminders of our mortality and the fleeting nature of existence in general, but also sources of sheer beauty – just look up at the night sky far away from the light pollution of metropolises, and let your breath be taken away. Celestial observation dates back to as far as prehistoric times, and has led to the birth of astronomy, one of the most complex branches of science. Appreciating and keeping track of celestial objects does not require a PhD, though: all you need is a dose of enthusiasm, a dash of curiosity, and the astronomy apps we’re about to introduce.