Chandrababu Naidu begins fourth term, Pawan Kalyan named Deputy

"Fourth Term Beginnings"

In a significant event marking the political history of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu was sworn in for his fourth tenure as the state’s Chief Minister, with charismatic Pawan Kalyan named Deputy Chief Minister.

The day, filled with diverse emotions and unforgettable ceremonies, saw droves of people gather to witness a significant milestone in their state. All eyes were on Naidu, whose speech echoed a renewed sense of optimism and commitment to a progressive Andhra Pradesh.

Kalyan, lauded by a thunderous applause as he was announced Deputy Chief Minister, held a commanding presence—an established figure known for his political journey and ability to inspire many.

The swearing-in ceremony gave way to a grand affair of traditional customs and vibrant celebrations—an enduring memory in everyone’s hearts. The day not only marked a new chapter but was also an echo of the aspirations of the people of Andhra Pradesh towards a prosperous future.

Prime Minister Modi, whose endorsement of the newly appointed Chief Minister and his Deputy was evident, exhibited nothing but support. His rapport with the duo was strong—so strong that it stirred talks about a strategic alliance between them, something that political circles and pundits found worth discussing.

Naidu, alongside Kalyan, are expected to lead Andhra Pradesh towards new horizons of progress.

Naidu’s fourth term: New beginning for Andhra Pradesh

Their combined efforts and alignment on shared objectives have spurred new optimism. Naidu, leveraging his vast experience for measurable outcomes, and Kalyan, a vocal advocate for progressive reforms, have set the stage for growth and prosperity.

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