Chief Minister Naidu revisits foundation of Amaravathi

"Naidu Amaravathi Foundation"

Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, recently paid a nostalgic visit to Amaravathi. He was deeply moved by the sight of the city’s founding stone which he himself laid a decade ago. Naidu recounted the nascent days of Amaravathi and shared his long-held vision of transforming it into a major urban center.

He praised the dedication of citizens, local administration, and his team in shaping Amaravathi into the city we see today. Naidu also engaged in discussions about strategies to further improve city infrastructure and living standards.

“The founding stone is more than just that. It represents my dream of a prosperous and successful Andhra Pradesh,” said Naidu, emphasizing his profound connection to Amaravathi.

Naidu’s reflective visit to Amaravathi

He also shared his plans for the city’s self-sustaining future, highlighting the importance of reinvesting locally-generated revenue for infrastructural development.

During a press conference, Naidu addressed the issue of potential displacement of local farmers due to urban development. He assured the farming community that their livelihoods would not be disrupted, and their needs would be taken into account during all phases of development.

He also committed to maintaining a regular dialogue with the farmers and implementing new agricultural policies designed to boost productivity, sustainability, and income. The minister’s words calmed the disturbed farmers, restoring their faith in the government.

The recent administrative changes have resulted in the halting of farmer protests, indicating their trust in the government assurances of regional development benefitting the agricultural sector.

Naidu concluded his visit by outlining his vision for continued development of Amaravathi and Polavaram or ‘AP’. Commited to driving these regions towards their full potential, he criticized the previous government for disregarding the development of Polavaram. He stated that with effective administration and central government financial aid, Polavaram project could encourage further state development.

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