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Given the pace and complexities of modern society, taking time to relax is extremely important for both the mind and body. With this, many adults have turned to a simple pastime reminiscent of childhood days, coloring. The act of coloring, while often associated with younger children, it is now increasingly known to be a stress reliever and a means to pass time for adults. All about the notion of coloring, Colory offers a variety of coloring activities from 5 minute coloring work to extensive activities that need several hours of concentration.

The primary objective of Colory is to help adults remove their stress, fear and anxiety that they feel in everyday life through the pleasure of coloring. With excellent relaxation efforts, the app can be considered as a mobile form of therapy. With intuitive controls that are similar in style to actually coloring, adults just need to touch the curves, symbols, shapes, colors and lines that are offered on its interface. Coupled with the relaxing nature of coloring, the app maximizes this experience by offering beautiful music in the background while the user colors. As users are able to save their work, using the app can be done whenever users are available, from short rides on the bus to longer periods of time for endless hours of occupancy.

Additional features of the app include the ability to zoom in and out of sections of an image so that the highest degree of accuracy can be obtained when coloring for the various finger sizes of users. Furthermore, Colory offers a variety of designs that belong to a variety of categories such as fashion, tattoos, holiday symbols, birds, ocean, animal, florals, and many more. With social media integration, those who color spectacular images are able to share their work with friends or family members via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Despite being highly relaxing and bringing the user to a different state of mind, Colory is in a highly competitive space with many other competitors producing similar themes. These other apps offer comparable services in that users are able to color in different styles at their leisure. As a means to differentiate itself from the competition however, Colory comes with a PDF that contains over 150 pages of high resolution images to color. New designs are constantly being added on a regular basis to ensure that the number of paintings never run out.

Although the core features of the app are provided for free, premium features are also offered in the app for a subscription fee of $2.99/week or $7.99/month. These features include access different tools such frames, textures, palettes, and contents which are not provided for free users. For those who are often looking for ways to clear their mind or find a relaxing pastime while on-the-go, Colory is able to offer a unique form of therapy that brings adults back to childhood environments. As the number of pictures are updated on a regular basis, users are provided with essentially a never-ending coloring book in order to provide on-demand pass the time in a relaxing manner.

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