Control your kid’s phone usage with Kidtrol

Kidtrol is a parental control app recently released by Interactive Media Technologies. The app helps parents limit and control their kids phone usage.

Appropriate for nearly all ages, Kidtrol app helps your kids focus in class, complete homework, and get better sleep at night. Additionally, you can manage all your devices from your own phone. Kidtrol helps parents take a more active role in their kids schooling and help their kids when excessive phone use becomes a problem.

The app itself is very simple. There are only a couple features but they are very helpful in controlling phone use flexibly, at your own pace. The “On Demand” feature lets you disable all third party apps, internet, and some stock apps like camera. It takes a couple minutes for the app to kick in and start working but you’ll love the result.

Watch the app disappear on your kids phone and stay disabled for as long as you choose. Another feature available from Kidtrol is the “Scheduling” feature. This powerful function gives you all of the capability of the “On Demand” feature but with the ability to set schedules in advance for phone use. You can easily set schedules during school time, after school when the kids may be doing their homework, during family time, or at night to help them sleep.Setting schedules is easy, just set the days and times and the app goes to work even when your phone is locked.

While there are other parental control apps of this type (OurPact, Kidslox, SecureTeen) they all help control phone use differently and don’t give you the exact same level of control and ease of use Kidtrol delivers. Kidtrol sets itself apart with an easy to use interface and more useful, customizable, and therefore more flexible control of synchronized devices. Get Kidtrol from the app store and try it for free for the first two weeks. Get full access to the “On Demand” and “Scheduling” features before having to pay 2.99 a month or 29.99 a year fee to keep Kidtrol active. 

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