Creative and Free Promotional Ideas for Your Business

Is your marketing campaign stale? Is your advertising ROI decreasing? You need some creative and free promotional ideas for your company.

Is your marketing campaign stale? Is your advertising ROI decreasing? You need some creative and free promotional ideas for your company.

Here are some creative and free promotional ideas for your business that you may not have considered. Not only that, these low-cost strategies all have added business benefits that make your life easier. Make the most of your marketing budget with these tips!

1. Sell your ads.

Most of the time, you pay to advertise your business. But getting paid to promote your business is one of the most effective advertising strategies. This includes creating valuable promotional content and promotional merchandising.

Content that serves two purposes is valuable promotional content business. It’s content that’s both useful and promotes your business. A YouTube marketing channel is the simplest, cheapest, and most effective way. Build how-to videos or product comparison videos to promote your business. Put together funny videos of cats using or falling off your products.

YouTube users will watch your videos because they want to, and you can monetize them. So there you go. Your advertising is paid for.

2. Change up your promotional content.

Articles, infographics, and podcasts are all be used to create valuable content. Doing them all is the best idea. This caters to a wide range of audiences.

In addition, it gives you increased brand awareness and internet reach with more content. To keep your internet visitors swarming like lucrative flies, provide links from all your content to all other content.

3. Recycling content is OK, too.

How would you like to quadruple your valuable content output with minimal effort? Do this by repurposing existing content.

Take something you have already done and redo it in a different form. Save time and money. Therefore, repurposing basically amplifies all of the benefits of valuable promotional content.

4. Give away promotional items.

Promotional products are used in two ways. Either give them away for free or turn them into promo products that people want to purchase.

The best promotional items are ones that people will use. In addition, most promotional items are pens and flash drives. Flash drives are valuable and are usually used for a long time. Furthermore, every time these promotional items are used, your brand name is remembered.

Wearable promo swag is also good. They get free clothes. You have a walking billboard. Win, win. Buttons and fabric wristbands are also great. In addition, shirts and hoodies are usually pretty popular as well.

5. Create and sell cool, trendy promo items.

This is another creative and free promotional idea to help you make money while promoting your company. People will pay for your products if you make them trendy enough.

However, cool promotional hats, buttons, and wristbands work best. To make these worth having, you will need a trendy logo, meme, or mascot. Furthermore, people pay money to wear trendy, brand-promoting apparel. Therefore, if you own a cool logo, lovable mascot, or hilarious internet meme, you have an advantage in this market.

6. Bring in your amazing company mascot.

Create a likable mascot. This is a great way to sell branded merchandise. Even a small local business can make its mascot popular in the community. Giving your company a friendly face opens up a world of advertising possibilities. Dress him up and take him to cool events. In addition, have him drive around town promoting products.

After that, introduce the goods. We’ve all seen company mascots as plushies and bobbleheads. That’s the idea. A popular mascot can sell T-shirts at popular public locations.

7. Create live events.

Live events are another type of valuable content that attracts customers. Live events such as street performances, art shows, and music nights can be held at your stores. This works best for restaurants and bars. However, street entertainment works for any business. If you don’t sell food or drinks, invite a food truck or two to serve.

In addition, think about sponsoring events outside of your business.

For example, it’s possible to sponsor a local theater show and give away themed promo items. Furthermore, holding a talent show with branded stage decor is another idea. Put your logo in the background of all event photos shared on social media. In addition, offer on-site sales of branded souvenir T-shirts. The possibilities are almost endless.

8. Team up for more promotion power.

If you own a small business, join forces with others. You both win if you promote each other! Find a company that provides a similar service. You should also provide a service they don’t. After that, agree to refer each other.

This gives you both a steady stream of referral traffic. Furthermore, a referral from another company adds credibility. Additionally, share email/mail marketing lists with marketing partners if you get their permission.

9. Pay customers for referrals.

Another great technique is to offer a referral program. Customers refer traffic if they are rewarded for it. Always ask your customers for referrals. If you simply ask, 91% of customers will refer you.

Use this list to spark your own creative and free promotional ideas. Use your imagination to come up with new marketing ideas for your business.

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