Cybersecurity: Must Haves in the Mobile Space:

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Keeping protected from dangerous sites, viruses, and hackers has never been more relevant in an era of heightened cybercrime.  Although cyber security is more commonly associated with desktop computers, a lesser recognized source of vulnerability lies in the mobile phone through apps or mobile web pages. For this reason, this article explores the apps that can best protect mobile phone users from malicious software through their phones.

Cybersecurity industries grow each year, especially now in the mobile space. Cybersecurity stocks rise to amounts not seen in previous decades. With the industry growing, it is important for personal and business use to invest in cybersecurity. In this article, we will discuss must-have apps in the age of digital risk. These apps will help you block viruses, secure your networks, and avoid digital risk.

AVG AntiVirus for Android 2018 (Android)

As an all-in-one tool to enforce the highest degree of cyber security, AVG AntiVirus acts as a multitool in terms of protecting the mobile phone. From blocking viruses to restricting access to apps and photos, the app is one that both protects and optimizes the device from a single location. In this way, AVG is one of the very few apps that offer security for both online and offline usage as opposed to other apps that only focus on one. In terms of online protection, the app delivers a suite of tools to provide comprehensive coverage of privacy such as scanning apps and files in real time, WiFi connections, as well as the level of permissions that installed apps have. With regards to offline protection, AVG can lock apps with a variety of passcode options, hide sensitive information with encryption, delete unnecessary information, and even stop tasks that are causing the phone to become slow. As a tool that addresses nearly all aspects of mobile vulnerability, AVG AntiVirus is a highly recommended app for both online and offline security. It is a must-have for cybersecurity in the mobile space.

VPN SecureLine – Fast Unlimited VPN Proxy Security (iOS/Android)

One of the biggest threats in terms of cyber security exists on the web in the form of popup ads and malicious sites. As a result, millions of devices are infected every year from sites that have hidden viruses on both desktop and mobile phones. In order to remain secure when browsing the internet, VPN SecureLine is a browser that ensures a heightened layer of security that is not offered through the stock browsers of the iPhone or Android. For example, anonymity is maximized as the browser utilizes a VPN which ensures privacy so that users cannot be tracked. This is especially useful for connecting to public WiFi sources as they are one of the most popular and least protected connections where hackers are able to steal information. Despite offering highly technical encryption services for browsing, VPN SecureLine is extremely easy to use and only requires a single tap in order to activate the VPN to provide a virtual shield against online security vulnerabilities. The VPN is another must-have for cybersecurity in the mobile space.

Norton Mobile Security (iOS/Android)

Norton, one of the biggest names in cyber security, gives users greater visibility on the hidden function of various apps that may be leaking sensitive information. In the wake of greater transparency that has revealed that many apps secretly track the activities and location of users even when they are not aware of it, Norton scans apps that have malware or spyware on them and checks for apps that are risky or display intrusive behaviours. Trusted by millions of people, the app provides greater insight on the activity of all apps so that the device is protected at all times. Furthermore, even if the device is lost, Norton provides an extra layer of security by allowing its users to wipe the phone be sending a specific SMS to the device. Furthermore, the device can be remotely locked or instantly lock if the SIM card is taken out. With multiple fail safes in place to protect the contents found on the device, Norton is one of the best apps available to increase the level of security for mobile phones. Norton is another cybersecurity necessity for the mobile space.

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection (iOS/Android)

Similar to AVG, Lookout aims to provide an all-in-one solution that covers security for the entire phone as opposed to only apps. For example, Lookout is designed to protect from WiFi attacks when users are connected to public WiFi sources as well as send notifications when security software on the device is out-of-date. One of the best features of the app is that it not only protects the device, but can also intuitively protect the information of the user no matter where it is. For instance, when certain functions of the mobile phone are being used that appears to be irregular and suspicious, an email will be sent to the user to notify them that their phone has potentially been stolen. Furthermore, private information including banking or personal data can be accurately tracked so that if it appears in public places like the internet, users would be notified instantly. With insurance, alerts, and even social media monitoring for private information, Lookout is a highly comprehensive app to ensure a significant degree of protection for both mobile phones and personal information which makes it perfect in business and personal circumstances. Lookout is the final must-have mobile cybersecurity application for this list.

As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important in the realm of mobile devices, the combination of these apps can provide a heightened level of security for both online and offline usages. From ensuring personal information is not leaked anywhere on the internet to providing a higher degree of anonymity when browsing online, the apps listed in this article can prevent viruses and hackers from gaining access to the information on the device. Although the apps cover different areas of cyber security, using multiple at the same time can limit the risk that a user is exposed to when utilizing their mobile phone.

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