Why Is a Digital Business Card Essential in 2022?

More and more of our offline conversations and meetings are moving online. A post-pandemic world requires we exchange digital business cards.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that change happens (and happens fast). Had I been writing this in December 2019, I wouldn’t have expected to be telling readers that a majority of UK workers expect a hybrid work-from-home model to be the norm going forward.

More and more of our offline conversations and meetings are moving online. That presents challenges for individuals and successful businesses used to networking and building relationships at face-to-face events. That includes ways to share who you are, with anyone, wherever you go.

At the same time as our attitudes to remote work are changing, so are our expectations of modern businesses, the practices they use, and how these reflect on wider society. Therefore, businesses that embrace sustainable and digital-first habits can meet these expectations and get an edge on the competition too.

Read on to find out more about digital business cards. Learn how they can help you and your business adapt and thrive in this new reality of evolved networking and workplace practices.

What is a digital business card?

Digital business cards are an online way to share your contact details. You might hear a digital business card referred to as an electronic business or virtual card, or even a QR code business card.

You can create a digital business card using your Android or iPhone, or on your desktop/laptop. Just like a paper card, you can customize and structure your digital card any way you want.

However, unlike traditional paper cards, you can add a range of fields to your digital business card that you can’t on paper. Think video cover images, multimedia, and clickable social media links. Similarly, you can include address fields your recipients can use to contact you straight away.

How do electronic business cards work?

Digital business cards share your contact information and professional identity with anyone, whenever you want, wherever you go.

You can create multiple cards and share them at the right moment. For example, you can share your primary work card at networking events and also create a secondary card for your hobbies, side hustles, or personal website.

Crucially, with Blinq digital business cards, recipients don’t need to have the app installed to receive your card. You can manage your contacts in the app and add notes to each new contact to be extra memorable. You can also enable a “where we met” function on your card to add a location to your new contact which is great for expos and networking events.

What are the benefits of digital business cards?

Digital cards give users a host of impressive benefits.

You can offer 100% contactless business cards.

In the new reality we live in, clients and customers expect a contact-free way to network. Electronic business cards give you and your team this option.

Digital business cards are cost-effective.

Compared to traditional business cards, virtual business cards are incredibly cost-effective and can be created for a fraction of the cost of a print run.

They’re a perfect foil for your existing tech stack.

Blinq digital business cards can be integrated into your existing CRM and Active Directory systems.

You can manage your contacts and your follow-ups.

Using Blinq digital business cards allows you to manage all of the contacts your cards create. You can add notes to each contact to create memorability. You’ll also be able to see when and where you met your contacts to give you context for follow-ups (and avoid double handling approaches).

Digital cards are made for modern businesses, not for landfills.

For modern businesses, it seems almost unfathomable to commit to further runs of paper business cards. Employees and customers have ever-increasing expectations of sustainable business cards. Blinq digital business cards are inherently digital, allowing you to quietly and effectively cut your carbon footprint.

Here’s how to create an electronic card.

Creating a digital business card is easy and can be completed in under two minutes. The easiest way to create a card is on your mobile phone. Simply download the top-rated Blinq app either on Android or iPhone to get started.

You can also create a virtual business card on your desktop or laptop. Just click here and then select “create card.” When you download the Blinq app, you can use the same sign-in details to access your Blinq cards on your smartphone.

It’s simple to customize your digital business card.

When you’ve downloaded an electronic business card app or created your account on your computer, you’re ready to start adding information and customizing your card. What you include on your electronic business card is totally up to you, here’s an overview of the fields you can add.

Digital Business Card: The Basics


Add your prefix, preferred names, pronouns, maiden name, and accreditations (Dr., Dame, Order of the Garter, etc.).

Job Title, Company Name, Department

Use your virtual business card to showcase your title, your team, and the company you work for. If you’re looking to create digital business cards for your whole team, Blinq has you covered with Blinq Business. You can manage all your team cards in one place and create consistency across your organization.

Adding Contact Details to Your Digital Business Card

You can add basic contact information to your electronic business card including your email, phone number, website even your WhatsApp. Recipients will be able to tap any of these fields to contact you directly.

Cover and Profile Images

Use your imagery library to make your digital business cards truly stand out. Many brands use their cover photo to showcase their logo which can be updated across all team cards in an instant.

Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme for your digital business card from the preset color options. Blinq Premium and Blinq Business users can mix exact colors to match unique brand ID Hex or RGB codes.

Headlines and Accreditations

Make sure your contacts know you’re accredited and awarded within your industry. Showcase your achievements and professional awards with accreditations. Headlines can be used to deliver your company tagline or mission statement.

Website and PDF Links

Add your company or personal website to your Blinq card as well as PDF links too. If your team has brochures, contact us or log in to portal links, these can be added as link fields on your digital business card. Or, if you’re drawing up an e-contract you can add a link to this on your Blinq card.

Social Media Accounts

You can add all of your social media accounts to your digital business card, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

How do you share a digital business card?

Digital business cards are designed to be shared to match the way you work best. Here are some of the ways users can share their cards.

QR Code Scanning

Each Blinq card has its own unique QR code. When you meet a new contact you can ask them to scan your QR code on your app, Apple Watch, or Smartphone widget. You can even download your unique QR code to add to your website, billboard, presentations, and more!

Text or Email Your Digital Business Card

Using the Blinq app, you can send personalized texts and emails with your Blinq card to your contacts.

Share Your Card’s Link

You can also copy and paste your card’s URL into messaging apps, social DMs, and more.

Virtual Backgrounds

Blinq Business and Blinq Premium users can create virtual backgrounds for themselves and their team in the Blinq dashboard. Simply log in and create your background. You’ll be able to download your background to use on video conferencing calls or to add to presentations.

NFC Cards

NFC (Near-Field Communication) cards can be paired with your Blinq digital business cards to give you even more options to share your contact information. Each card has an NFC tag embedded within them which can be written to your Blinq digital business card.

You can order fully custom NFC cards with your own unique design and have them shipped to your or your business address.

How do I get my team on digital business cards?

Electronic business cards can be created for your whole team. With Blinq Business, you’ll be able to create, manage and update all of your team cards from a unified dashboard. Control your brand narrative and brand ID by locking fields to prevent team members from sharing or editing fields you create.

You can also use templates to rapidly create and update cards for team members. When you sign up you’ll also receive a 30-day free trial to help you get set up.

Get set up with Blinq digital business cards today.

Whether the card you create is for you or your team, you can create your first card now with Blinq. Share who you are, with anyone, wherever you go!

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