Early Signs of Bed Bug

early signs of bed bugs

There are several signs which can help you to know about the possibility of bed bug infestation. You need to know how to manage and take proper steps to take care of this annoying, uncomfortable, and unhealthy infestation.

Due to the presence of bed bug infestation, your health will decline from time to time as the bugs will bite your skin and cause harm to you. Furthermore, with the infestation of bugs, your bed sheet and especially the mattress will be damaged. Moreover, it is not possible to sleep and live comfortably when there are bed bugs haunting your bed. Improper sleep will also lead to health problems. Furthermore, people with skin problems and skin sensitivity can face skin allergies which might hamper their health.

Signs that Indicate Bed Bug Infestation Early

The following signs can help you to find the infestation of bed bugs at your home as early as possible. With proper timing and management steps, you may even get to prevent the infestation without causing much damage to you and your things.

Presence of Bed Bug Bites on Your Skin

Bed bugs are seen to bite people’s skin. And when those bugs bite, there are a series of red welts on the skin. Although bitten by bed bugs does not cause pain to people, but creates red welts on the skin of people. Those welts might even cause itching of the skin for some people. In many people, the welts are observed in clusters like a zigzag pattern. And it is also seen that bed bugs create welts of 3 to 5 bites at each cluster. This is a common symptom of bug infestation.

Availability of Bloodstains on Your Skin and Your Bed Sheets

Bloodstains can be seen if there is a bed bug infestation at your home. This can happen if the blood eaten by bed bugs is still present on your body, or you might kill a few bugs.

Therefore, the presence of dead bed bugs can also be a concrete indication of an infestation of bed bugs.

Seeing Live Bed Bugs

Live bed bugs are the most concrete evidence of bed bug infestation. Bed bugs generally like to hide in bed frames, headboards, etc. After seeing a live bed bug, you should take steps immediately to exterminate the problem for preventing further growth of the bed bugs and damage caused by those bugs.

The Appearance of Dark Spots on the Bed Sheets

If there is the presence of bed bugs in your bed and home, then you will be able to see dark spots in your bed sheets, mattress, or even pillowcases. It is noted by people that those spots may also be due to the presence of fecal matter from the bugs. The number of spots will increase with the growth of the bugs.

Existence of Musty Odor

Bed bugs start to release pheromones after settling. This pheromone afterward mixes up with the scent of crushed & dead bugs with fecal excrement, which makes the scent very unpleasant.If you feel there is a sudden strange smell or an unpleasant musty smell, then there is a big possibility of bed bug infestation. The smell may be very mild and certainly can be overlooked. But you should keep keen eyes and ears for finding the probable existence of odor and bed bugs.

Finding Bed Bugs Casings

If there are bed bugs present on your bed, then you will be able to find several beg bug shells, dead bed bug bodies, and egg shells. Eggs may look like tiny translucent orbs with a sticky surface. These bug shells are remnants of the exoskeleton of the bugs.

Bed bugs vary in size and therefore, the shells of the bugs may also vary in size. It has been said that some of those casings might be translucent with a yellow tint. Those casings will verify the presence of bed bugs.

Skin Irritation and Skin Allergies

If you find yourself with sudden onset of skin irritation and skin allergies, then you may have a bed bug infestation at your home. Bed bugs like to bite the skin of people and eat the blood for survival. This may create a problem for you if you have skin problems.

Change in Your Pet’s Behavior

There are certain cases where you may find that your pet is acting strange. There is a possibility that the bed bugs might be biting your pet’s skin and causing irritation to the pet. It is better to check up on your pets if they show strange behavioral patterns.

Suspecting Probable Beg Bug Infestation& Taking Proper Steps

If you have a strong suspicion about the possibility of bed bug infestation, then you should check everything thoroughly. You should remove all bedding, and mattresses of all the beds in your house. Afterward, check the surrounding areas of the bed for bed bug shells and also check the closets. If your suspicion comes true, then you to exterminate the bed bugs completely. If you are unsure of doing it yourself, then the next best course of action is to call an exterminator, who are expert at destroying bug infestations.

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