EveryTrail iPhone app shows you where to lace up your shoes for outdoor adventure

With the holidays behind us, you might be eager to work off the Christmas ham and the New Year’s Eve champagne. Gyms, packed with New Year’s resolution makers, are not always an attractive option. For those of you who want to get your exercise outside, download theEveryTrail iPhone app (free).

Using your iPhone’s GPS capabilities, it searches and then provides lists of dozens of outdoor activities based on how far you want to travel. Unlike other similar iPhone apps, which are often limited to walking and hiking trails, the EveryTrail iPhone app includes options for alpine skiing, boating, fly-fishing, horseback riding and many more. I entered road biking, for example, and was provided with 10 options.

You can set the iPhone app to list trails by rating, length or proximity. The EveryTrail iPhone app also provides details such as a map of the trail, the length, the average speed, and driving directions to the starting point.

One thing that is a little bit curious about the iPhone app is that many of the trail options start and stop in different places. That seems a little impractical, as most users will need to return to the original starting point to retrieve their cars.

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