Experiencing Hair Loss? Do Not Believe These Four Rumors

hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most recurring problems in adults these days. However, despite so many people going through it, there are tons of myths attached to hair loss. Therefore, we have collected a list of four rumors that you should not believe if you’re experiencing hair loss. And whenever you come across a piece of information, always cross-check it. Because in the age of the Internet, you can always learn fact from fiction.

Rumor 1: Only Aging Causes Baldness

Well, age is a big contributor to baldness, it is not one of the only reasons why one can suffer from baldness. For example, if you have hair loss in your genes, then the first few signs of hair loss can appear even in your early 20s or 30s. Around 25% of people who have hair loss in their family history experience baldness even before the age of 21. This is why one should take care of their hair even before they enter their 30s. Both hair loss and alopecia can occur before you hit your 50s.

Similarly, a lot of people believe that hair loss is a men’s issue. However, that is not true. Around 40% of women suffer from hair loss or hair-related problems. The only thing that is different in both genders is that most women do not suffer from a receding hairline. However, their hair gets thinner over time, which then spreads to the entire scalp causing baldness.

However, more than your gender, your genes play a major role in the amount of hair fall you experience. Studies show that around 80% of the hair fall that men experience is due to their genes. So you have a lot more than your genes to blame for the hair loss that you are experiencing.

Rumor 2: Showering Daily Can Cause Hair Loss

A lot of people give in to this notion that if they take a shower every day, they will experience more hair loss than normal. However, this is not entirely true. When you take a shower every day and notice your hair falling out, that hair would have fallen out anyway when you would have brushed your hair. In fact, the hair that is falling out itself regenerates over time. Therefore all the hair that you’re losing, will grow out eventually. On top of this, it is completely normal for anyone to lose around 50-100 hair strands per day.

The issue does not lie in how often you wash or shampoo your hair. The main cause of concern is the health of your hair which is deteriorating over time. Because if you are taking care of your hair, oiling it properly, and using hair conditioners, then it is not worrisome for you to shower daily. However, it’s always a good idea to let the hair breathe a little. Try taking a day off from hair products and heat.

Rumor 3: Haircuts Make Your Hair Grow Fast

Well, all of us have believed this rumor once in our lives. But it is a fact that getting your hair cut more often has nothing to do with how fast or how thick your hair grows back. It is because your hair is basically a dead tissue that has nothing to do with how often you trim it and hair loss.

The rate at which your hair grows back depends on the overall health of your hair and the genes that have been carried through generations. However, it is good to get a haircut every once in a while to get rid of split ends, but it will surely not make your hair grow faster.

Rumor 4: Dandruff Can Cause Hair Loss

The rumors that dandruff can cause hair loss has been scientifically proven wrong. Dandruff in your hair has nothing to do with the amount of hair loss you experience. However, your scalp being extremely dry and itchy can often cause uneasiness which leads to hair breakage. Therefore, untreated dandruff can lead to hair loss. However, dandruff itself is not the problem instigator.

Therefore, if you experience dandruff then you should use anti-dandruff products to minimize its effect as the itchy scalp will make you scratch your head several times causing your hair to break. Therefore, try your best to minimize it by shampooing your hair more often.

Hair loss is one of the most common symptoms of aging. However, many other reasons can lead to hair fall, for example, lack of proper nutrition. But many rumors regarding hair fall also surface on the web because of misinformation that leads to unnecessary anxiety. For example, some people relate daily showers with hair loss. But it has been proven wrong. Therefore, one should read into rumors before believing them.

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