Finally, a User-friendly Fitness Tracker – Fitolog PRO

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As the rise of health conscious individuals continue to seek increasingly advanced tools and techniques to keep fit, a wide range of mobile apps in the space has been able to adequately adapt to the growing demand. From apps that are designed to help with tracking calories and diet plans to those that are used for ensuring that a strict workout schedule is followed, nearly every health need can be met with one of the hundreds of apps that are available.

With fitness being so popular which is evidently witnessed in the growth rate of the category, selecting the right one for working out can be extremely difficult. One of the most notable apps, Fitolog PRO, is able to provide a comprehensive tracker for a range of exercise activities.

Particularly in the realm of cardio, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises, the app is able to accurately monitor the progress of user activity for greater analysis. Through tracking the weight, number of reps, and duration of the activities, users are able to easily see how they are progressing with their health goals with a beautifully designed interface. For example, users are able to see their weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly progress with  graphs in order to visually understand the data. Coupling the hardware with software, the app further integrates location based services in order to more accurately track cardio workouts while at the same time giving options to connect with an Apple Watch for greater convenience when logging workouts or changing music.[sc name=”quote” text=”Fitolog PRO is able to accurately monitor the progress of user activity for greater analysis”]

By aggregating the results over such a long period of time, users who diligently capture their exercise routine with Fitolog PRO are able to understand where they are excelling and other areas that need improvement. The implementation of graphs coupled with colors to indicate progress are extremely useful in analyzing areas where more work needs to be done. For instance, graphs that are red suggest that more activities in that particular area need to be focused on as there has been little to no progress. Through this, users are able to see where they need to improve on at a quick glance.

One of the largest issues with current health tracker apps is in the process of manually entering in fitness data. While this is very helpful for monitoring progress after, entering in every exercise is a repetitive habit and is difficult to maintain. Although this is an issue that is evident with most trackers, Fitolog PRO alleviates the learning process that is involved by making the interface extremely easy to understand. With such a simple user flow, although manual data still needs to be entered, it is made a much more streamlined and pleasant process.

As an app which offers one of the most intuitive user interfaces, Fitolog PRO provides one of the most comprehensive fitness analyzers available. Through the integration of beautifully designed graphs and colors that are able to report progress at a quick glance, the app is a must have for those who are tired of other confusing fitness tracking tools available.

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