Five Apps to Help You Find Your Way

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Every phone comes with a stock map app, whether it be Google Maps or Apple Maps, but just because these apps come ready to use on our phones doesn’t always mean they are the best option for navigating our way around the world.

There are a number of alternative apps on the market that offer an abundance of extra features, making it easier than ever to get from A to B.

Below are five apps that will change the way you navigate:

City Mapper (iOS, Android)

City Mapper is one of the most popular alternatives for those looking for a different experience to that of stock map apps. City Mapper has become particularly popular among public transport users, due to the in-depth level of information it provides over the likes of Google Maps and Apple maps. With City Mapper you will no longer find yourself using your map app to plot the route, then using a number of different bus and train apps to work out the most efficient way to complete the journey. City Mapper combines everything you need into one map, with line statuses and real-time disruption alerts, meaning that if your train is canceled at the last minute you will know straight away. A few other handy features are the use of Uber integration and Live cycle hire information.

Back Country Navigator (Android)

Back Country Navigator is the perfect app for anyone who knows they won’t always have a reliable signal, whether that be on a hiking trail or traveling to remote areas of the world. The app has been designed with hikers in mind and comes with a variety of useful features such as different terrains being shown using different colors and contour lines, as well as including a list of different trails. Back Country Navigator is just as handy when navigating your way along rural mountain roads, especially with the ability to create your own maps, allowing you to create custom maps to suit your journey.

Co Pilot USA (iOS, Android)

Co Pilot is another app that offers full offline features, meaning that you will never find yourself lost unsure how to get home. Co Pilot focuses on providing offline maps for drivers, with clear directions and up-to-date traffic information, so that your focus is on driving rather than your route. The use of clutter-free maps makes it easy to see your route and know exactly what the road ahead has in stall. With clear and helpful audio directions you always have plenty of notice if there is a turning ahead so that you never find yourself stuck in the wrong lane. When using Co Pilot in online mode you are kept informed about the current traffic situation and offered alternative routes, so that you always get where you’re going as safely and quickly as possible.

Here We Go (iOS, Android)

Here We Go is designed to make navigating your way around cities as easy as possible with 3D maps and real-time public transport information. With a variety of different modes of transport to choose from, including biking, walking, taxi shares and public transport and an easy to understand route comparer, it has never been easier to find your way around a new city. The app also offers you information, on ticket prices, taxi prices and the number of parking spaces available, so that you can make an informed decision before leaving home. You can even download maps and routes before leaving home, perfect for anyone on an international cell plan or for that awkward time at the end of the month when you’re running out of data. With City Mapper you will become a confident city traveler, with the knowledge that you are following the quickest and cheapest route.

Maps Me (iOS)

Maps Me offers all of the features that we have come to expect from map apps, such as step by step directions for all of the common methods of transport but where Maps Me really shines is the extra details that it includes. You plot your route, choose the most suitable route and then follow the directions but with Map Me it doesn’t stop there, along your route points of interest are highlighted. Points of interest are perfect for anyone exploring a new city, you no longer have to search for all of the local landmarks and plot them on a map to ensure you don’t miss anything. Maps Me also highlights a few useful stops along your route, such as Starbucks so you can pop in for a drink to break up a day of sightseeing. With points of interest, you might even find yourself learning something new about your home city.

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