Five Apps to Save you Money When Shopping

Frugal shopping has become even easier with the help of our smartphones, gone are the days of a wallet full of store cards and coupons, let your phone deal with that while you enjoy the spending.

Here are a few apps to make that shopping experience even easier and cheaper.

Stocard (iOS, Android)

One of the best ways to save money when shopping is to use store reward cards, you collect points and eventually have the joy of money off your shop. There’s a problem though, most of us end up with so many store cards that they fill our wallets or we accidentally leave them at home and don’t use them. Stocard solves these problems, letting you keep all of your store cards in one app. When you go to a store all you have to do is open up the app and scan the barcode. It’s that simple.

As an additional feature, Stocard also shows you offers for the stores you have saved, plus those it thinks you might be interested in.

Flipp (iOS, Android)

Flipp brings the true coupon clipping experience to your phone. You can search through all of your favorite stores and see the deals that they have on offer, you can then save these deals to help you compile your weekly shopping list. You can then share your shopping list with friends and family, rather than having to give them a long paper list, plus you’re sharing the discounts!

You can also add your store reward cards to Flipp, keeping them all save in one place. Flipp will also use this knowledge to help recommend deals that you will use.

Ibotta (iOS, Android)

Ibotta is an app for those or love collecting coupons and savings a little bit here and there but just don’t want to fill their wallet with tiny coupons that get lost or expire before you have a chance to use them. Within the app you can search through for shops that are offering cashback, then, armed with your list of shops you’re ready to start spending and enjoy shopping as normal. When you return home all you have to do is scan your receipts onto Ibotta and receive your cashback.

Dosh (iOS, Android)

For those out there who want to save a little money when shopping but struggle to find the time to search through coupons and discount code sites, Dosh is there for you. This is an app that really couldn’t make saving money while shopping any easier. All you do is create an account and securely add your bank and credit cards. Then, whenever you shop using these cards Dosh does all of the hard work for you, searching a number of databases for discounts and money back offers. You will then receive the money saved in your account. All you have to do it enjoy the savings!

ShopSavvy (iOS, Android)

We all want to pay the cheapest price possible when shopping but most of us just don’t have the time to check various different stores just to compare the price of that expensive pair of headphones, or a pair of trainers and with ShopSavvy you no-longer have to. You’ve found the perfect bag while shopping, simply scan the barcode and ShopSavvy will tell you if it is on sale cheaper at another store.

To save you even more time you can search for items within the app, read reviews and track down the store where it’s being sold for the best price, all without having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

Photo by from Pexels


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