5 Industries Where Jobs May Be Automated Away In the Next Decade

jobs may be automated

Technology is advancing rapidly. With such little time, people have seen a great amount of advancement in technology. Technological advancement goes hand-in-hand with the phenomenon of making everything digitalized and automated. This happens because the more technology improves, jobs may be automated and the more people use it to make their lives easier.

In this context, many jobs require physical services. But technology has made it easier as there are many jobs where Artificial Intelligence or other software can do that job. However, there is only one problem with the above-mentioned technological phenomenon. The problem is that, as jobs are getting automated and digitalized, people will lose their jobs and that is when economic downfall is evident. This problem and the digitalization of jobs will be moving forward at a quick rate in the future.

Automation is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence and software

Artificial Intelligence is one of the next big things which will be in great upgradation from time to time. AI is very common in virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, or robots which can act like humans to some extent and more. Furthermore, more and more sectors and industries are observing automation.

Benefits of Automation

Because of automation, productivity and performance increase with better GDP growth. These benefits help to increase sales and earn profit. The time-efficient and energy-efficient processes are insurable due to automation.

Problems with Automation

Virtual machines or software are now doing those jobs that people did before manually. This led to financial problems and unemployment problems for many workers.

Five Industries Where Jobs May Be Automated Away in the Next Decade

Industry: Customer Care Service

Customer care service is one of the most crucial parts of any Organization.  Therefore, the development of this service takes utmost importance. But, it can be analyzed and assumed from the technological advancements, that there are many technological marvels like Ciri, Alexa, and Google Home. And the team behind those virtual assistants is working every day to develop it more and more.

Many believe that, in the next decade, there will be no person in this sector other than a controller or It engineer. And the voice & virtual assistants will be customer service agents. Another popular virtual online assistant is the Chat Box feature which helps people to learn about the FAQ.

Industry: Bookkeeping and Data Entry

For those things, most people use the popular Microsoft excel. Now in the future to come, automation may become evolved enough to record data in excel files and help with bookkeeping practices. It is possible that in the future, these data-entry-based jobs might become automated.

Industry: Receptionist Jobs

Receptionist jobs are almost like customer service jobs. There is a common pattern of communication that occurs between the customer and the receptionist. The noticeable thing is that very powerful AI-based software can do the work of the receptionist.

Writing and Editing Industry: Proofreading jobs

This is a popular freelancing job that includes grammatical error checks and corrections, sentence construction, sentence flow, etc. Grammarly is popular software that does the mentioned things. That is the reason why a large number of people recommend Grammarly.

Manufacturing Industries

In previous years, people had to use their hands manually for manufacturing products. But this practice was very dangerous and many people became prone to getting hurt.

Now, many industries and enterprises are implementing automation systems. In the future, more manufacturing jobs will become automated.

Multinational Company Industry: Market Research Analyst Jobs

The jobs that rely heavily on market research may also come to fall under automation. This is because one can use software easily for gaining extensive research data from a source. If there is an integration of an automation process into the software for automatically collecting data from a source and recording it in excel or other platforms. The future holds a big prospect for automation in this field.

Delivery Industry: Courier and Delivery Services

The technological advancement is simply marvelous. Technology has brought people self-driving and autonomous vehicles. With the advancement rate of technology, we can believe that futuristic courier and delivery services can become automated. The automation process will surely make the process more efficient.

For example, there will be no involvement of people in this process. The vehicle with the couriers will follow GPS and reach the destination on its own and call the concerned person for coming out of the home and collect their delivery. No time delay, no people interaction, and efficient service can be provided through this. But the problem remains that, through this many people will lose their jobs as evident from the past years.


So, the advantages and disadvantages of the automation process in industries are realizable to some extent. Moreover, it is possible to assume with logical reasoning which industries will require automation. It is important to research how to use the automation process to its advantage. It is also important to have appropriate knowledge about industries where jobs may be automated. With proper planning, industries can utilize the automation process at large.

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