Foldable Phones: Some Pros and Cons

Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are not necessarily a new technology. However, with innovations in how this technology is used, we are seeing new and exciting changes in our devices. While some of the changes are more interesting than practical, in these cases, the interesting often precedes the practical.

Therefore, perhaps we can put up with some of the downsides to emerging technology knowing that improvements always follow. Foldable Phones have their advantages, but purchasing one of the first such devices means accepting many limitations. Consider the following quick review of the most significant pros and cons of foldable phones before making your final decision.


Pro #1. Foldable Phones Look Like Future Tech

Even though there is some subjectivity in the mix, foldables are a great concept in and of themselves. In the areas in which they differ from your normal ‘glass-sandwich’ smartphone, there is a true, palpable novelty about them.

Those distinctions are noticeable both at first glance and over time. It’s just as interesting to watch a screen bend for the first time as it is for the fiftieth time. It occurs to you that there is a portion of your brain that believes this is not conceivable.

For decades, science fiction films have been showing us the concept of foldable screens. Therefore, the capacity to realize that possibility is a significant part of what makes modern foldables a compelling purchase. When you get a foldable phone, you’re purchasing something that is out of the ordinary.


Con #1. Foldable Phones Are Pricey

Foldables are currently priced higher than even the most costly flagship products from companies such as Huawei, Samsung, and others. But when it comes to performance, the Mate XS outperforms everything from the iPad Pro to the new Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Purchasing a foldable today is equivalent to purchasing the most expensive item on the menu. That will continue to be one of the most significant barriers to potential consumers. That is, at least until the technology and market mature sufficiently to drive prices down.


Pro #2. Foldables Make You Re-Evaluate Your Phone Usage

When talking about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, one particularly interesting thing is the concept of The Fold Effect. Using the Fold less frequently is made easier by the design. However, it also causes you to reevaluate how you are currently using your smartphone.

Despite everything the Fold does wrong or right, this quality continues to be extremely interesting and unique to it.

The small amount of resistance that comes with the physical act of unfolding a foldable phone may be beneficial. It’s often easy to lose track of time when gazing at your smartphone for an extended amount of time. Although counter-intuitive, this extra effort may encourage you to be more mindful of how much time you spend with it.


Con #2. Foldable Phones Are Still Fairly Fragile

Beyond the cost ramifications of purchasing a foldable smartphone, there are still issues about the device’s long-term durability to consider. The majority of consumers anticipate getting two or three years of daily use out of a brand new smartphone. They purchase it with a measure of faith in its durability.

However, with foldables, the chances of finding something that lives up to that standard are difficult to estimate. Foldable screens are more prone to damage than their non-bendy equivalents. This is true in terms of both material and design considerations.

Whether it’s dust, water, or just wear and tear, foldables present more potential failure spots than regular phone designs. The truth is, there is no guarantee that your first foldable smartphone will last as long as you expect.

When you consider its possible inability to go the distance, you see that this is a significant downside. In the end, that adds up to a hefty price you’re paying just for a novelty.



Foldable phones have their strong and weak points, however, as we explore new technology, our devices continue to change. Perhaps, as technology advances, we will see more changes for the better in our use of that technology. As we use technology in better ways, perhaps it will bring us closer to the ideal devices we’d like to see.


Image Credit: Matheus Bertelli; Pexels; Thank you!

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