For fast film reviews, try Movie Tweets

Not only do we listen to professional movie critics for advice, we ask our friends. The Movie Tweets iPhone application gives you the best of both worlds, offering Twitter mentions from users that have something to say about a particular flick. 

Upon opening the app you see Fandango-powered movie titles, which can be separated by multiple filters. For instance, you can view Top 10 Movies, Coming Soon, and In Theaters Now.  Click through a movie title in order to see related tweets. 

You can choose to view 25, 50, 100 or 200 tweets for each movie.  Choose a tweet to view in further detail. From here you can see how long ago the tweet was posted and the user name.  You can then follow that user or retweet their post if you find their commentary interesting.

But Movie Tweets is limited. The application does not provide further details about a film, such as the nearest theater or rental location.

Yet the Movie Tweets application emphasizes the growing use of Twitter as an information resource. Sometimes, all you need to new about a new movie can be summed up in 140 characters.

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