Fresh iPhone Apps for Apr. 13: Switchee, SaleLocator, Postagram

It’s a day of free apps in today’s Fresh Apps list, and they all have very cool functions. Switchee uses switches to streamline your social media experience, allowing you to access and update multiple networks instantly. SaleLocator does exactly what its name implies and will even throw sale results up on a map for you. And Postagram is perfect for Instagram users who want to send their photos to others. None of them costs a thing to download, so go give them a try.

Switchee (iPhone, iPad) Free

A social networking hub, Switchee is designed to streamline your various status-updating tasks by integrating all your networks together in one place. The “Switchee” name refers to the apps various “switches” —  toggle them on and off and your updates will go to Twitter and Facebook, or Facebook and Foursquare but not Twitter, or any of a number of other networks and combinations.

Switchee also lets you create custom switches for activities and places you visit regularly. Create a “having lunch” switch and you can just flip it to instantly update Facebook and Twitter the same way, and even do check-ins at the same time. Switchee won’t help your status updates become more interesting, but it will make them go out into the ether a little more quickly and easily.

SaleLocator (iPhone, iPad) Free

It’s pretty obvious: SaleLocator is a sale locator. It uses your iPhone’s GPS to track down nearby in-store sales and point you toward them. Sales are then funneled either into a list you can read through, or onto a map so you can see their locations easily — and the app will give you directions.

SaleLocator’s results can be broken down by category, so you can quickly find the sale you need for clothes, shoes, electronics or anything else. It also tracks holiday sales and lets you search for keywords that help to narrow down the results, or by location if you know where it is you want to go. You can bookmark sales for later with a “favorite” option, and share the ones you’re excited about with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Postagram (iPhone, iPad) Free

Got Instagram photos that are piling up? Do something with them with Postagram, an app that turns your Instagram shots into post cards for only a buck. You design the card, drop on the photo, write a message and order the card online in about two minutes, and the $0.99 charge covers the printing and creation, plus the cost of mailing your card to its destination.

Postagram cards arrive usually between two and five days after they’re ordered. The design of the cards allows the Instagram shot you added to it to be popped out as its own print, so it’s not stuck being a post card forever. Your Postagram card also gets personalized with your Instagram information and profile pic.

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