Game Apps That Help Relieve Stress or Anxiety

There are game apps of all kinds in the app stores. Many of them can be used to help relieve stress or anxiety in both adults and children.

There are game apps of all kinds in the app stores. Many of them can be used to help relieve stress or anxiety in both adults and children.

Games and game apps are a big part of the world of technology. However, they are also moving into other fields of use. Assume you’ve just had a really difficult day at work, to the point that your stress level has reached twenty on a scale of one to 10. All you want is for the workday to end so you can return home and unwind in your bed. Unfortunately, you still have at least four hours of work left and only have a smartphone and a lunch break available.

Don’t panic, however, all is not lost. Smartphones aren’t dubbed “smart” for nothing. They can assist you in reducing your reliance on others in daily chores such as getting up on time.

However, they can also assist you in reducing stress and anxiety levels by downloading special apps.

So, what exactly are these applications, and can they actually help you relax?

Scrabble: Board Game and App

Scrabble is a game that everyone knows about. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular board games of all time, alongside Monopoly.

However, owing to modern technology, you don’t need to take the entire box with you. Simply download the app to your phone.

For those who are unfamiliar with Scrabble, the goal is to score as many points as possible by forming words out of the letters you are given. The number of points awarded to each letter varies depending on how uncommon it is. In addition, the points are determined by how hard it is to come up with a word with it.

When you can’t think of anything, however, it can bring more tension than pleasure. and other such services come into play in this situation. You can type in your letters and it will show you the words that can be made with them. You can also broaden your vocabulary this way.

Breath of Light: Game App for Zen Mode

This is one of the most unique of the game apps. Simply reading the title makes you feel at ease.

The goal of this game is to use energy to move stones and arrange them where they belong. The rocks come to life after the goal is achieved. Anyone can enter a zen state by playing this game.

It’s advisable to listen to the app with headphones because it features a somewhat hypnotic soundtrack from Winterpark. It doesn’t have a time limit. Therefore, the user can go at their own pace while listening to the soothing music.

Alto’s Adventures: The Running Game App

This game is ideal for gamers that enjoy running games. The goal of this game is to snowboard a never-ending mountain while riding, running, and jumping.

What sets this game apart from others is that it wasn’t designed to help people relax. Instead, it was designed to let them have fun.

However, in 2015, the game’s developer included a feature known as “zen mode.” The scoring, power-ups, and UI are all disabled in this mode. Therefore, the players are not distracted. Many individuals nowadays utilize it as a stress reliever.

Neko Atsume: Easy Does It

The game’s goal is not difficult to understand. All you have to do is leave food and toys out for the cats who come to visit your virtual yard.

If you feed and engage the cats, they will leave you fish. With this, you can buy more food and toys.

There is no tension in the game. It does not necessitate any real-money transactions. However, you are free to do so if you like. There’s no need to buy new toys all the time.  In addition, you’ll never run out of food because the basic unit is free and always available.

Furthermore, you don’t have to log in every time you want to see if one of the cats has died. Therefore, you may use it whenever you need to de-stress.

Escape Rooms: Game for a Group

An Escape Room is a one-hour adventure that you may share with your friends, family, or coworkers.

You play as a team and must solve puzzles, gather clues, and complete challenges in 60 minutes in order to complete your goal.

Prune: The Easiest of the Game Apps

This game, along with Neko Atsume, is perhaps the easiest.

The goal is to assist the bonsai tree’s development by removing everything that shouldn’t be there. Whatever is weighing it down must be removed. However, remember to save the items that will aid in the tree’s growth.

The levels become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. However, the pace remains consistent.

This can be very calming. In addition, it’s also better than a real tree because you only have to start over if this one dies. It’s as simple as that.


Playing game apps on your phone is a terrific way to temporarily forget anxiety or stress. It can cause your brain to focus on something else, such as scoring points or moving objects around. In addition, it can help you leave all of the stress and problems from work or school behind. Further, it also helps to maintain mental equilibrium.

The games listed above are just a few of the many available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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