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As students work on a robot they are using in class, they may not be thinking about a career in programming. It can be difficult to get students excited about a programming career as the introduction to the subject usually starts with the fundamentals of coding and does not seem very glamorous. But encourage them to take the next steps to a future with their technology-related skills by getting them excited about becoming a programmer at a top tech company.

The world is changing, and so should students. How can you get students excited about a programming career? Learning a new skill can be intimidating. Listed below are the four ways to get your students excited about a programming career by connecting their interest in programming to real-world applications, and that might just do the trick!

Ways to Get a Student Exciting about a Programming Career

When it comes to a career in programming, there are many options available. However, getting students excited about a programming career can be difficult. Here are some interesting suggestions for getting students excited about a programming career.

  • Introduce them to the basics of programming

One way to get students excited about a programming career is to introduce them to the basics of programming. This can be done by teaching them how to create simple programs using code. Doing this will help them understand the basics of the subject and how it can be used in their future careers.

  • Application of programming in real life

Another way to get students excited about a programming career is to show them how programming can be used in their everyday lives. For example, have them create a program to manage their budget better.

Many students first become interested in programming when they see the applications that programs can have. For example, a programmer might create a program that allows a business to run more efficiently. Alternatively, a programmer might work on projects that help people stay safe. For example, a programmer might create a program that helps drivers avoid traffic accidents.

Showing students how programming is used in their everyday lives will help them see the possibilities that coding has for their future careers.

The benefits of coding for students in grades 9-12 are countless. Teaching students how to code can help them understand the world around them much better. It can also show them that coding will be an important part of their future careers.

  • Help them find online resources and tutorials.

Online resources and tutorials are another great way for students to learn about programming. Many different websites and YouTube channels can provide students with programming tutorials. These sites and channels are free, but many premium options provide a better learning experience.

  • Talk to them about the programming career path.

Programming is a highly versatile skill. It can be used in various industries, including business, health care, education, and entertainment. In addition, there is a growing demand for programmers who can create applications that work on mobile devices.

There is no one right way to become a programmer, so it is important to let students know. The best way to do this is to talk to them about the various programming career paths available.

Some popular programming careers include software development, web development, and software engineering. Also, find career paths in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

It is important to let students know which career path is right for them. If they are undecided about a career path, help guide them in the right direction.

Tips for Parents

Don’t be afraid of technology. As long as it is within their abilities and you discuss the consequences, teaching children how to use technology will allow them to learn life skills such as persistence, creativity, teamwork, and collaboration that will be useful in any career they choose. To ensure the child uses computer science in their future career, start by getting them involved.


As a teacher, you must know that students are the future of the programming field. You have to get them excited about a career in programming and help them discover all the opportunities available. The tips shared above will help inspire the students and encourage them to pursue a career in programming.

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