Google Could Rebrand Its Phone Dialer As “Google Call”

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Leaked ad for Google Call

A leaked ad for Google Call, as found by Redditor /u/DominusLux, on YouTube

u/DominusLux on Reddit

Google could be launching a new brand and icon for its Android phone dialer, currently known as Phone by Google. According to Redditor /u/DominusLux, posting on the /r/Android subreddit, the company is apparently using a graphic, featuring the branding “Google Call,” while advertising the Phone by Google app.

Much like the Phone by Google app, the advertisement promises “reliable caller ID,” a key feature of Google’s phone dialer. The app comes preloaded on Google-made smartphones, including the Pixel and Android One device series.

But the company started allowing a “limited” set of additional devices running Android Pie or higher to download the app earlier this year. These devices including flagship smartphones from Samsung and LG. Users can forgo the default phone app on their devices and use Google’s option as a default.

One of the key features of the app is verified calls, which is designed to give users added information about a business when it is calling you. The feature gives the company name, branding, a reason for the call and shows that is verified. Google first rolled out the feature in September 2020.

Verified calls is now available in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India. A Roboshield survey conducted earlier this year found that 54% of calls received were unwanted. Most preinstalled phone dialer apps do not feature the capability to transcode Caller ID to show accurate information.

It appears that Google Call’s logo matches a new branding and color scheme used by the company across all its apps, featuring a mix of red, yellow, green and blue colors. It would replace Google’s current blue phone icon. It is unclear when Google would make this rebrand official.

If so, it would follow a number of other rebrands across Google properties, including the rebrand of G Suite to Google Workspace. Workspace apps also use a similar design language, which Google started rolling out earlier this year.

I have reached out to Google for more information on the rebrand and will update the story if I receive comment.

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