Groupalike Helps Builds Healthy, Non-Toxic Community

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Groupalike is all about opening life up to new people, sharing interests, and spending time with those who genuinely appreciate you and your choices.

Social media, when used the right way, has tremendous potential to inspire and connect people. As a social media platform, Groupalike helps users build human connections and foster the sort of community we all crave.

Groupalike is a group-interaction platform that helps people connect with nearby, like-minded people in groups, engage in personalized activities, and receive special targeted offers as an incentive to meet up. Designed to alleviate loneliness and promote authentic connection, Groupalike might just be what’s needed in the wake of lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Groupalike Features You’ll Love

Below is a quick overview of a few of the Groupalike features.

Group Matching 

We all know how hard it can be to break out of the routine and meet new people. While there are plenty of apps for dating there are fewer designed for non-dating relationships. Groupalike offers a fresh approach to help people engage and build connections by gathering into interest-based groups.

Groupalike Group Matching
This is my gang! Where’s yours?

Local and Global Feeds

Groupalike includes both a local and global feed. The local feed offers a collection of user-generated content from nearby users and businesses, giving you a new window into what’s happening around you, wherever you are. As you might expect, the Groupalike global feed displays the most admired content by users around the world.

A Profile That Speaks for You

We live in a hyperconnected age in which putting your true self out there for all to see can feel somewhat perilous. Groupalike helps make it easier by providing the ability to create a feedback profile for every individual.

Here’s how it works. People you’ve previously connected with — either online or in-person —  help build your profile. They play an important role by publishing feedback or reviews over your profile. This adds a layer of authenticity typically missing from other social media apps. Users are positioned “in their natural surroundings” and others can see how you are perceived in your community. This feature helps ensure that user profiles are genuine rather than posed.

Groupalike User-Built Profiles
I’m the coolest, don’t trust me? Ask Mr. Papple!

Message Expiry Feature to the Rescue

The message expiry feature on Groupalike provides a lighter and more private feel to your online conversations. In-person conversations don’t linger in the air forever, and neither do your conversations on Groupalike.

Designed to reduce clutter, the message expiry feature helps rescue you from conversations that feel forced. Users have 24 hours to reply to messages after which they expire automatically. In addition, if a user attempts to message you repeatedly even after you’ve allowed their messages to expire, that user’s 24-hour duration period gets halved every time they message.

Groupalike Message Expiry Keeps Users Safe
Groupalike messaging: I’m in awe!

Categorized ‘Likes’ Instead of Popularity Competitions

Other social media platforms detract from self-worth by turning meaningful posts into popularity contests. The fancier the post, the fancier your reputation in the social media space.

The whole concept quickly devolves into toxicity. The pursuit of the maximum number of “likes” eventually overshadows who you are as a person. Groupalike pioneered a more information-based approach that does not prioritize the number of likes as the only way someone else perceives you or your posts. Posts display category headings as one way to leave behind the toxic competition so common in other venues. This unique approach in Groupalike was designed to help make the social space more respectful and healthier.

Groupalike Categorized Posts Instead of Likes
Self-worth is no more attached to mere likes!

It’s All Fun and Games Here

It’s all about the points at Groupalike. Engineered with a game-like approach to social media, users interact with the app and receive credits (and debits) based on their activities. Every activity has an effect on your Groupalike point wallet. Every action either awards extra points or deducts a few.

Additions and subtractions are not simply tallied to match a game’s vibe but to make your experience at Groupalike extremely pleasant and safe. If you participate in an activity that disturbs people or creates discomfort, you’ll lose points. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some but, at the end of it, it’s all designed to be safe, healthy, and fun.

Real-Time Text Translation

Groupalike helps you ditch barriers and engage with people all over the world. But don’t worry, there’s no need to learn a new language. Instead, Groupalike offers real-time translation of text from one language to another.

When you type a message in your language, the recipient automatically receives that message translated into their native tongue. Real-time translation helps users from different cultures avoid misunderstandings, provide clarity, and more freely express their thoughts by engaging in informal chit-chat.

Groupalike Includes Special Offers
Earn points and redeem at your favorite restaurants!

Get Vocal for Local Businesses

Groupalike stands behind local businesses by helping them promote themselves. Business owners have an opportunity to build connections online and match with groups who might one day become customers in real life. Whenever people match in groups and later decide to meet in person, they can take advantage of special offers nearby. The special offer could be anything that lines up well with shared interests.

For example, matched groups might receive a coupon to a cozy coffee shop, a local bookstore, or a bowling alley. Groups can plan a visit to a museum, bakery, antique store, restaurant, or special event. The options for special offers are endless. Groupalike will help your group find the ideal place to make your outings memorable.

There’s no better way to give back to your local community than by supporting local businesses. The Groupalike goal is to foster relationships in the virtual space and then bring them to life.

Connect and Make Plans at Your Pinpoint

Groupalike is all about opening life up to new people, sharing interests, and spending time with those who genuinely appreciate you and your choices. In contrast to traditional social media platforms, there is an absence of persuasion or coercion. You enter into new relationships confident that your preferences are respected and appreciated.

The Groupalike plan is to connect its users with real, like-minded people in a safe, fun, and encouraging context. The app offers every user a promising chance to put together a crew they can call their own. Enter a no-judgment zone, where bonding goes beyond looks or other superficial characteristics, and user profiles are built on real feedback.

Groupalike Helps You Make Plans in Your Location
Discover a new world at Groupalike!

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