Healthy Apps for Kids

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Help your kids improve their health and learn more about their bodies and what they can do to live a healthy lifestyle with these fun and child-friendly apps designed to encourage a healthy start to life. 

Help your kids improve their health, learn more about their bodies, and find what they can do to live a healthy lifestyle with these fun and child-friendly apps designed to encourage a healthy start to life.

Below are five apps to help your kids get a healthy start in life:


Healthy Eater (iOS, Android)

With the help of Little Panda, Healthy Eater teaches children about the importance of a balanced diet and encourages children to eat a wide variety of foods, with a focus on help picky eaters. Through a range of games children and Little Panda explore different food groups and learn to love even the strangest looking of foods. Your child will quickly become attached to Little Panda and as he learns to enjoy new and exciting foods you little ones will want to do the same.

Yummiloo (iOS)

Yummillo is an adorable game that will draw your kids in with its simple yet cute graphics and cartoon food characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Help the Yum Yums as they work to harvest fruits and vegetables in order to power up the rainbow machine and save the carnival. As children play they learn about different fruits and vegetables and that a balanced healthy diet includes a range of the foods harvested throughout the game. Yummillo is a great way for young children to learn about healthy foods in a fun and enjoyable way.

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B (iOS, Android)

Disney Magic Timer is designed to make teeth brushing a fun activity that children look forward to, while also ensuring that they brush their teeth for a full two minutes. Alongside the brushing screen that features your chosen Disney character to motivate you and a timer, the app includes a brushing calendar so that children can track when they are brushing their teeth and earn stickers to fill their digital album by brushing for a full two minutes twice a day. With the help of characters from Marvel, Star Wars and popular Disney characters children feel motivated to brush their teeth and it quickly becomes an exciting part of their routine.

Doctor Kid (Android)

Doctor Kid gives your child the chance to become a doctor teaching them about their body and all of the things they can do ensure they stay healthy while playing fun mini games and helping patients. Work as a doctor or dentist and treat patients with a range of different problems including damaged teeth, ear infections and broken arms. Through a series of mini games you carry out x-rays, give vaccinations, perform eye tests and much more to diagnose patients and give the correct treatment. Your children will be so busy having fun and looking after patients that they won’t even realize they are learning about the human body and how to stay healthy.

ABC Food (iOS)

ABC Food introduces young children to the world of food, helping them to identify different food groups, name individual foods and learn the basics of how to prepare them all with the help of friendly characters and child friendly videos. Videos teach children about different foods, explain why there are god for you, how they can be prepared and how to recognize them. Interactive scenes allow children to prepare food, including the ever frustrating experience of trying to open a coconut. Children also learn to read the names of foods through matching and letter sorting games.


Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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