HotSpotMe – Turn Your Wireless Router or Mobile Phone Into Profit

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Turn your Android phone into a password-protected hotspot to earn money when a HotSpotMe user connects.

Cell phone technology has advanced quickly over the past twenty years. The units themselves have changed from bulky chunks of plastic in the early 90’s to slimmer flip-style phones in the late 90’s. Then, from heavy and basic smartphones in the early 00’s to where we are today with super light and slim iOS or Android devices.

It’s not just the design and style that’s gone through major changes, though. We’ve also seen the technology inside smartphones alter from being able to handle just one task (making/receiving calls) to handling dozens (calls, text messages, games/apps, calendars, etc). In fact, nowadays our cell phones are so intelligent that we can even use them to make additional money from anywhere the phone has a signal! All of this has been made possible because of businesses and individuals who have followed technology trends and created unprecedented new applications which give us the ability to do so. One company in particular is HotSpotMe, Inc. They’ve put together one of the hottest mobile apps that everyone out there should be using![sc name=”quote” text=”By downloading and installing the app on your Android smartphone, you’ll be able to setup your own WiFi hotspot and sell internet access to other people for a significantly lower price.”]

Are you familiar with the companies Uber and Lyft? Surely by now you’ve watched a commercial for one of these companies, seen a vehicle driving around town with those words in the window, or had a friend/relative actually use them. Uber and Lyft are successful companies that took the idea of creating a smartphone application that could be used anytime someone needed a ride. It’s somewhat similar to a taxi service, only much faster and cheaper because drivers could use their own cars and the companies have less overhead by not having to hire dispatchers or pay for car replacements and repairs. By using the latest technology, these companies have been able to undercut traditional taxi services and give more people a chance to make money in their spare time.

The innovative HotSpotMe application is similar, but for WiFi internet access.

Think about when you’re staying the night at your favorite hotel. How much do they charge you for internet access? Prices usually range from a staggering $20 to $30 USD per night! Now, think about how much you pay for internet access at home each month. Prices for that can range anywhere from $25 to a staggering $80 USD per month! No doubt internet access is not cheap. But, it’s something people need to have and most are willing to pay those prices so they can be connected at all times.

HotSpotMe gives you the ability to use your wireless router or mobile phone connection as a hotspot instead! By downloading and installing the app on your Android smartphone, you’ll be able to setup your own WiFi hotspot and sell internet access to other people for a significantly lower price. Just like Uber and Lyft charge less because of smaller overhead, HotSpotMe saves on overhead by not having to maintain satellites or large data centers full of servers. By using your internet connection, the company has less overhead to manage and maintain. That means they can charge the customer less and pay you (the provider) more. Simply setup a password-protected Hotspot that other users (who are within range) will pay you for access to.

HotSpotMe has taken the process of earning extra income to a new level by offering a service that was already available (such as internet access locally, in an RV park, at a hotel, etc) and using the latest technology to undercut the costs those other companies encounter, and therefore offer the same service to customers for a significantly lower cost while paying their contracted employees (providers like you) fantastic extra income!

[appbox googleplay com.rsabharwal.hotspotme]

[review pros=”Brilliant idea, outstanding implementation” cons=”It still needs more users to make the experience complete” score=9]

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