How to Block Calls on the Mobile Device

For iOS Devices

On the iOS device, it is extremely intuitive to block particular contacts, especially if their contact details are already on the phone. For example, if users are looking to block an existing contact, all that has to be done is to go into the contacts app, select the contact details of the person they wish to block, and then select the Block function that is associated with that contact at the bottom of the screen. With this, text messages and phone calls will be blocked from that particular person.

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Beyond only being able to block those who are already on the contact list, Truecaller is an app that enables users to block calls made by unwanted contacts such as spam or telemarketers. With the app, calls that are made by particular numbers that have been identified as spammers are automatically filtered and identified so that users do not pick up the calls. Furthermore, for unknown numbers, Truecaller looks up the name and contact information so that users can better identify who the caller is. With all of the features that are offered through the app, users can effectively block calls that are unwanted automatically while also being able to do the same with text messages. One of the best features of Truecaller is that the app also identifies when is the best time to call someone so that they have the highest chances of picking up. As a whole, Truecaller is a highly comprehensive app to block calls and text messages from those who are identified as spam or fraudulent callers.

For Android Devices

Similarly to the iOS method of blocking specific callers in that no app is required, users first need to go into their recent calls list which can be done through the phone app. From there, users then select the number that has recently contacted them by clicking on the account image icon on the left side of the call information at which point a screen with the contacts detail will appear. After this appears, the 3 bars on the top right of the screen can be selected to block the user from calling or texting. This method presents the easiest way in which to block individual callers who have either already contacted the user or are currently exist as a contact on the device.

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In terms of an app that is able to block more than just an individual caller, Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker is an app that blocks calls from spammers and unwanted contacts automatically without the need to manually add them to a block list. The app automatically identifies the callers that are considered to be unwanted and then rejects these calls and texts so that they do not interfere with the users day. Furthermore, one of the best aspects of the app is that users are also able to set times at which they want all calls to be rejected. For example, if a user does not want to receive calls or texts at a certain time of the day, they are able to set that accordingly at which point the app will reject incoming communication at the specified time. As a comprehensive tool that can be used to block calls and texts on the Android device, Calls Blacklist is a recommended app to block unwanted communication.

For those who are looking for different methods that enables them to block particular numbers from contacting their device, this article discusses the different ways in which to block numbers on both iOS and Android devices. From settings to apps, this list is comprehensive in providing options to block callers that may be spammers, fraudulent, or unwanted.

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